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Top 10 Celebrities Who Tried To Warn Us About The Kardashians

Top 10 Celebrities Who Tried To Warn Us About The Kardashians

Number 10 nick lachey

nick lachey also exposed kim for being a little too friendly with the paparazzi in order to get some publicity from him the singer claims that kim might have only been dating him for publicity apparently the pair only dated for about a week and some shady stuff went down one time he said let’s just say this we went to a movie no one followed us there somehow mysteriously when we left there were 30 photographers waiting outside and i think from that story it’s very clear that kim was tipping off the paparazzi so there would be photos of them together and if you didn’t already know unless someone is like incredibly famous if they’re paparazzi when they are out they definitely tipped off that paparazzi and at

Number nine john ham

the mad men star definitely has some choice words for the kardashians and based off what he said it’s clear he does not like the family and doesn’t approve of how they rose to fame with him telling elle uk whether it’s paris hilton or kim kardashian or whoever stupidity is certainly celebrated being an idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly it’s celebrated it doesn’t make sense to me so clearly he doesn’t like the reality tv stars whatsoever and doesn’t like how our society praises socialites like paris hilton and the kardashians and like i kind of get where he’s going like you know he has he has some valid points in at

Number eight kristin cavallari

kristen cavallari has a very interesting relationship with the karjenner clan it all started when kristen dated brodie jenner and through that relationship she also became friends with the kardashians but after brody and kristen broke up there was tension between kristen and kourtney kardashian after courtney caught scott out with kristin while they were in and off period and after that kristen called out the family for using that information as a publicity stunt to get viewers to their show and allegedly after rumors broke that kristen and scott were having an affair the kardashians refused to deny it and instead waited to address it on their show leaving kristin looking like you know the bad terrible other woman when it just wasn’t even true more than a little shady if you ask me and at

Number seven barack obama

former president barack obama also couldn’t hold his tongue when talking about the famous family and it’s definitely quite the compliment when the president is speaking about you or is it the former president was talking about the changing dynamics of the american dream and how it’s shifting with time saying there was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous kids weren’t monitoring every day what kim kardashian was wearing or where kanye west was going on vacation and thinking that somehow was the mark of success and out here it’s pretty obvious he was throwing some major shade in their way and he doesn’t seem to like how they are now the standard for what successes and apparently kanye west did not like those comments and actually fired back at the president but also since obama was a former president you know i trust his opinion and judgment way more than kanye’s and at

Number six chris humphries chris

humphries was someone who probably challenged the kardashian family the most and exposed secrets about them i’m sure they did not want out cam and chris got married in one of the most lavish televised ceremonies ever but famously after only 72 days the couple split because kim was having second thoughts but based off how much content their reality shows got because of that relationship then the breakup chris called kim out for fraud arguing that the whole relationship was just a publicity stunt and their divorce was so messy it lasted two whole years before it was finalized but during the massive trial chris exposed that a lot of the kardashian show was scripted and that the show purposefully made him look bad like when him and scott threw a party in one episode while the girls were out of town and they looked really horrible for going behind their backs when they told them not to have the party the whole thing was actually just a huge sham with kim and courtney knowing about the party and acting like they didn’t know for tv in turn making chris look like a terrible husband when it literally wasn’t like that at all halfway

Number five rebel wilson

rubble wilson revealed on radio show that she was presented an opportunity to present an award with kendall and kylie jenner but wilson ended up turning it down with her saying in the interview i got asked to present with kendall and kylie at the recent vmas and said no it’s not that you hate any of them individually but it’s just that everything they stand for is against everything i stand for and they’re not famous for talent i’ve worked really hard to get where i’ve gotten to and even though a lot of people who dislike the kardashians share the same sentiments oprah winfrey actually came to their defense against wilson if you can believe it though we’re saying that she couldn’t believe how hard the family works referencing when she filmed the family for oprah’s show with crews taping the family for seven hours straight and then they filmed more of their reality show after so as we all know the kardashian family really works very hard even though it doesn’t seem like they do too much and at

Number four bette midler

after kim uploaded her incredibly famous nude selfie where she covered her you know nether regions with just like black bars the internet went ablaze talking about it one of the people that didn’t hold their tongue was bette midler who tweeted out kim kardashian tweeted a nude selfie today if kim wants us to see a part of her we’ve never seen she’s gonna have to swallow the camera which come on you have to admit it’s pretty hilarious like even if you like the kardashians like it’s a good tweet as a clap back kim tweeted out that it was past bet’s bedtime and that she was a fake friend and that responded back looks like anyone can take a selfie but not everyone can take a joke and then she let in the tension by posting her own new when talking about the feud later bet had no hard feelings and said she takes twitter pretty lightly and hoping that kim did the same hopefully kim wasn’t actually too peeved about that i mean come on it was clearly a joke i don’t know and at

Number three wendy williams

if you watch wendy’s show which i definitely do on occasion she spills the tea like nobody else then you know she does not like the kardashians and it’s always very blunt when talking about them but wendy got the spot of a kardashian hater when she made some shady comments about kim after her robbery incident and when talking about the incident in paris wendy said i would hope that she’s not making any part of this up for dramatic effect because this family you know they’re kind of soulless you can’t believe everything that you hear but this was very very upsetting and although i do not agree with wendy at all that the paris incident was a publicity stunt a lot of people did feel that the incident could have been exaggerated by the family for views with people citing her numerous times in the past that this has happened with the family and again i do not agree but i mean she just brought it up as kind of a possibility and obviously she loves to shade them whenever she can and at

Number two blac chyna

blac chyna is another kardashian x who was ousted from the family after her and rob’s relationship ended and you know that whatever went down was bad because the family is still nice to tristan and not china even though tristan is arguably way worse and embarrassed them so much more the first of the feud was surrounding the fact that kylie started dating tyga who was chyna’s ex then chyna started dating rob and then the two got engaged and then pregnant very quickly but after they had dreamed the whole thing fell apart and china and the kardashians were facing off on social media chyna even filed a lawsuit against the family claiming that they stopped her show robin china from getting a second season a judge dismissed that case but chyna still shades the kardashians whenever she can ana

Number one anna wintour

this last one is something that i had no idea existed but it’s probably the shadiest one of all so vogue is one of the most prestigious magazines to be on the cover of and kim kardashian and kanye west were caught on the cover in a very controversial move by the magazine’s editor anna wintour when talking about the criticism she noted that it would be a misstep to ignore the couple’s influence and she made the choice to lead and deal with the backlash rather than follow and all of that praise to the couple is you know all well and good until she gives them quite

a a backhanded compliment saying i think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover it would be a rather boring magazine nobody would talk about us and although i totally get what she’s like trying to say calling the couple you know deeply untasteful is definitely more than a little shady but i mean if anyone can shade anyone it’s anna wintour she can shade whoever she wants all right guys let me know what you’re thinking about this one below which celebrity do you think was the shadiest and how much do you trust the family as you guys know i personally love them so much

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