Top 10 Celebrities Who Got Rejected By Their Crush


Top 10 Celebrities Who Got Rejected By Their Crush

today’s list of the top 10 celebrities who got rejected by their crush at

Number 10 Justin Bieber

remember when justin bieber and selena gomez were a thing seems like eons ago but it was big news for a while but there was also a time when selena wasn’t interested in dating justin even though they officially started dating back in 2011 justin’s crush on selena started all the way back in 2009 and soon news was buzzing about their potential relationship selena was perfectly aware of what people had been saying about them and when asked about the two of them on the ellen show she completely shut them down by saying that justin was like a little brother to her in 2010 i’m sure that hearing this from her probably kind of stung but all is well because the following year they began their on and off relationship justin has also been shut down by the likes of rihanna and jennifer lawrence too but at least he’s married now so his time of getting brutally shut down has passed in at

Number 9 Nicole Kidman

now jimmy fallon is married with kids at this point but at one point in time he played it maybe far too cool and missed out on dating nicole kidman when he found out all that coolness of his faded away and we discovered that jimmy isn’t actually that cool i know i say cool a lot but here we are just blissfully unaware of his own allure so much that he didn’t even realize nicole kidman was hitting on him you can just see him fall apart in shock when nicole admits that she was hoping for more than just a friendship nicole was single at the time and actually really liked jimmy fallon when she was preparing for her role in bewitch she actually wanted jimmy to play her love interest darren although jimmy literally just thought that she was coming over to his apartment just to talk about the movie at

number eight Leonardo DiCaprio

looks like even the great gatsby can’t always get a date turns out that leonardo used to have a thing for cara delevingne but unfortunately for him she did not reciprocate after attending the 2013 cannes film festival leo went to an after party and sought out the company of the actress and model cara delevingne leo has reportedly always had a thing for dating models so this infatuation with cara was no different other than the fact that she completely rejected him all they did was exchange phone numbers but cara wasn’t interested in anything else apparently that whole night consisted of leo chasing after her trying to invite her to a party back at his suite but she just kept dodging him kara later went on to say that she thought that he was too forward and too old this situation kind of sounds like that one guy who keeps following you around the club all night a little bit creepy in at

number 7 Julianne huff

when julian was just 11 years old daniel radcliffe had her under his spell while appearing on live with kelly julian recounted a story from when she was cast as an extra in the 2001 film harry potter and sorcerer’s stone she lived in london at the time and attended school there much like radcliffe’s characters she too was in the gryffindor house for the film she attempted to steal a scarf but the props department ended up finding it and taking it back as filming went on she became even more infatuated with daniel so when valentine’s day rolled around julian wrote her crush a love note and got him a valentino beanie baby unfortunately she never heard back now that she too is a big name celebrity she admitted that it’s a little embarrassing when she runs into him at events she told kelly that whenever that happens she just turns around and walks the other way probably a good idea at

number six drake

drake has had some pretty rocky relationships in the past and he’s even faced rejection but one of the most savage rejections has to come from nicki minaj during their on and off friendship it seemed like drake was looking to extend their relationship past the friend zone though nikki wasn’t really about that idea according to drake when he first met nikki he fell in love with her he had a serious crush on the rapper and tried to make some moves apparently at one point he invited nikki out for food and later on when he showed up to her place with the food she just took it from him and slammed the door in his face ouch the guy probably thought he was gonna have a chill night with this crush but no looks like it’s just dinner for one on top of that nikki also rejected him after having a one night stand so drake seems to be pretty unlucky in the nicki department in

number five harry styles

believe it or not but at one point in time lindsay lohan was such a big star that she didn’t even know she was talking to the front man for one direction according to refinery29 harry styles had showed up at lindsay lohan’s hotel room not sure how he swung that but okay and when he knocked she had no clue who he was lindsay said that styles had showed up at 2 am and was in a suit and she just said to him well you’re very good looking can i help you and that was it apparently he said i’m harry gavin and michael sent me here although in response lindsay just said that she was going to bed and it was nice to meet him super awkward but makes sense when you think about their age difference lindsay is 34 and harry styles is only 26 i mean it doesn’t seem like that much of an age gap but you’d be surprised at how much that affects pop culture at

number four emma watson

there are so many hermione and draco fanfictions out there but could you imagine if it was a real thing well that’s what emma watson was trying to achieve back in her harry potter days turns out emma had a pretty big crush on tom felton while working together emma really liked tom when she was like 10 to 12 years old because she thought he was so cool saying quote he was a few years older and he had a skateboard and that just did it really i mean skateboards duh she would even check the production call sheet first thing in the morning to see if he was working that day but sadly emma was really crushed when tom didn’t reciprocate his feelings for her apparently tom would just tell everyone that he saw her as a little sister and that was just the worst feeling that is far beyond the friend zone sometimes you can come back from that but the sibling zone is not looking good for you in a

number three Nile horn

a few years ago katy perry really hung nighthorn out to drive while on nova fm radio show with fitzy and wipa katy perry claimed that nalhorn was always trying to get her number she also went on to say that whenever they would run into each other he would always try to flirt in response to his advances katie told him that she’s old enough to babysit him and that the age difference basically meant that she could have been his mother ouch nyle was less than impressed by her response and told the project that he just wanted to be her friend adding that she was acting like they had a 55-year age gap despite all of this katie admitted that she is incredibly fond of the irish star and said that they will always have a bond after her deciding vote helped nile advance on the x factor back in 2010. nala had initially auditioned as a solo artist but with the help of the celebrity host he became a member of one direction and enjoyed great success after the show at

number two james franco

in 2012 following all the buzz surrounding kristen stewart’s cheating scandal it seems like james franco wanted to get in on a bit of that twilight action as well after running into each other at a hotel in toronto while they were both in the city for the toronto international film festival james sort of caught feelings for the actress the two reportedly had a pretty long conversation after meeting and james was absolutely smitten i guess james just wanted to get some more time with kristen because he ended up asking her out on a date he had plans to take the actress to dinner after getting her phone number unfortunately for james that date never happened after thinking about the date proposal kristin ultimately ended up turning him down but this didn’t stop him from trying again though apparently he gave it a second try only to be rejected once again i’m guessing that maybe she just wasn’t ready to start dating again after the huge falling out she had with robert pattinson over her cheating scandal but hey you can’t blame a guy for trying last but certainly not least our

number one spot taylor swift

seven years ago taylor swift decided to shoot her shot at dating actor bradley cooper the singer who had just split from harry styles earlier that month had apparently begged jennifer lawrence’s set her up with cooper although it did not turn out the way that she had hoped for and bradley politely declined a source told radar online bradley has absolutely no intention of getting together with taylor first of all her reputation precedes her bradley is very wary of dating someone who is a bit of a serial dater like taylor he thinks she’s far too young for him and wants to date someone his own age not 16 years younger because he’s ready for something serious it was a little awkward for bradley jennifer came to him and told him that taylor was interested in getting together he had to politely decline knowing full well that jennifer and taylor are friends it was an ambitious move from taylor but she’s going to have to fixate on someone else as bradley’s just not that into her with that though let’s check out some of your comments from the video titled top 10 celebrities who should be in prison part two sarahsaurus rex says johnny you’re the best you’ve featured me once but i’m going to make you

feature me again because as john bender said sweets you couldn’t ignore me if you tried he did say that and i’m happy that people actually got the breakfast club outfit i know it it’s hard to discern i’ve actually never seen the breakfast club i know i’m i’m such a heathen i know i’m i’m a horrible person he’s not a horrible person i’m i’ve never gone around there’s a lot of movies that’s the problem there’s a lot of really good movies that one great one now you gotta watch that tracy bedford says johnny i had a long day at work and i’m so happy to finally chill smoke a bowl and watch your video thanks my stoners are in the audience respect respect from canada where it’s legal if you know you know radical rainbow says

sean connery should be in prison for crimes against acting i don’t know about that sean connery is a great actor what are you talking about radical brutal ouch he was really shading him there mlg gamer says can i just acknowledge the irony of how that comment came right after roman polanski is number one totally agree overrated is it weird that i don’t know the movies he’s directed off the top of my head the name is familiar but not a single movie do i know weird well he’s an old director but he’s also a big creep and it was a coincidence uh somebody had commented because i was talking about roman polanski and all the terrible stuff that he’s done in a previous video and as i was featuring it i came to number one yeah roman plansky should be in prison so hey it just worked out that way and that has been the top 10 celebrities who got rejected by their crush