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Top 10 Celebrities Who Broke Social Distancing Rules

Top 10 Celebrities Who Broke Social Distancing Rules

so this pandemic it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon but just because people are over it doesn’t mean we can stop taking precautions and being as safe as we can be we all have to continue wearing our masks and social distancing to keep ourselves and those around us safe now although we look up to a lot of celebrities as role models and as examples of what we should be there are a few whose actions shouldn’t be copied since they’ve broken some pretty important rules today we’re going to talk about some of these people as we count down the top 10 celebrities who broke social distancing rules at

Number 10 tom brady

for a while there there were restrictions in place which prohibited the use of parks or other recreational sites and facilities but tom brady seemed to have glossed over that rule and decided to keep working out in a tampa bay park regardless even though the park was mostly empty tom still wasn’t permitted to be in the area according to city officials did anyone else have that phase during quarantine where you took walks i did i never had the desire to leave my house until we were

told to stay inside and after being indoors for days and weeks on end sometimes just need an hour of socially distanced fresh air anyway the mayor of tampa jane castor explained that a city worker had to tell brady to go home and the city of tampa twitter page even tweeted at the football player saying to not use the park it’s kind of embarrassing but hey at least he learned his lesson at

Number nine josh brolin

josh brolin was called out on social media for having broken social discipline protocol when he went to visit his father james brolin and stepmother barbara streisand side note did anyone know that his stepmother was barbara streisand that’s kind of surprising to me he posted a picture to his instagram of him and his family gathered on their front porch but fans were quick to point out that they were breaking the rules by not being six feet apart josh later took the post down

and issued an apology to his fans where he called their response humbling he said quote my father lives next door to us and we had a plan to go see them and not be near them and that plan was broken and that’s our responsibility i think it was irresponsible end quote he owned up to his mistakes and i really liked that he did it’s not every day that we see celebrities take full accountability for their actions and actually thank their followers for calling them out on their mistakes i’m sure josh did take this as a learning experience

Number 8 justin bieber

justin bieber came under fire this year after allegedly neglecting to social distance though there were reports that justin and his wife haley were coming to canada to shelter in place during the pandemic some fans caught the beavs hanging out with some people who weren’t part of his household he and haley had been posting a lot to their social media from their home in the great white north but after posing for pigs with his siblings bieber faced some backlash as he wasn’t socially distant from his family though they are relatives they weren’t part of his household whom he had been quarantining with and so a lot of fans called him out for breaking the social distancing rules not one of the biggest offenses out there but still noteworthy nonetheless in at

Number seven evangeline lily

earlier this year actress evangeline lilly faced some scrutiny after saying that she wouldn’t self-isolate in an instagram post she voiced her opinion on the global health crisis calling it a respiratory flu and saying that the call to self-isolate was quote too close to martial law for her liking as a lot of her followers pointed out the call to self-isolate and social distance isn’t just for her own safety but also for the safety of others evangeline was living with her father who had late stage

leukemia and she was already immunocompromised in her post she also pointed out that she herself was immunocompromised but said quote some people value their lives over freedom some people value freedom over their lives we all make our choices end quote though many of her followers pointed out that this mentality was incredibly

selfish she later went back on her word saying quote i want to offer my sincere and heartfelt apology for the insensitivity i showed in my previous post to the very real suffering and fear that grip the world through coven 19. grandparents parents children sisters and brothers are dying the world is rallying to find a way to stop this very real threat and my ensuing silence has sent a dismissive arrogant and cryptic message she went on to say that she was just speaking on her own fears and never meant to hurt anyone as she meant to instill calm into the situation at

Number 6 kylie jenner

though there were shelter-in-place orders in california earlier this year it seems like kylie jenner just couldn’t sit still and had to go pay her friend a little visit kylie was photographed on her way to go visit her friend stassi and later it said that jenner invited her friend to her house many of kylie’s fans were very serious about the pandemic precautions that were in place and called the makeup mogul out on the fact that she didn’t even try to hide the fact that she had stasi in her house

as the two posted photos of each other on their respective social media platforms on top of that fans also called out kylie on the fact that she had previously encouraged her fans to practice social distancing and follow pandemic safety protocols but meanwhile they caught her with someone who is not in her own household or social bubble on top of this kylie’s sister kim also revealed that she broke social distancing to have kylie do her makeup for an appearance on the jimmy fallon show halfway through at

Number five iggy azalea

iggy azalea has also experienced her share of pandemic backlash as she was called out by her fans for endangering the safety of another it was reported that iggy had hired a nail technician to come to her house at the time of this incident all non-essential workers were told to stay home but iggy and her nail tech broke this rules so that the rapper could get a fresh set iggy tweeted out saying quote getting your nails done and they turn out just the way you wanted really does put you in the best mood after this fans really started coming for the fancy rapper as it began reprimanding her for having broken the rules to this iggy tweeted quote if i want to risk having a worker in my home that is my business not yours i haven’t left my house so if she did that’s my choice to stay here and be sick also she’s a nail tech masked and gloved relaxed we weren’t tongue-kissing i promise iggy’s fans demanded accountability but i don’t think they got what they asked for and

Number four Ivanka trump

ivanka trump faced some backlash this year as she was caught traveling even though there were guidelines in place which advised against non-essential travel she and her family have reportedly been traveling from new jersey to washington for the easter weekend her weekend travels prompted some backlash from people who called her out for leaving her home for unnecessary travel rather than staying at home and following the government protocols like she had advised many americans to do shortly before her trip an official statement was released on ivanka’s behalf which said quote ivanka with her media family celebrated passover at a closed down facility considered to be a family home her travel was no different than had she been traveling to and from work and the location was less populated than the surrounding area near her home in dc coming in at

Number three madonna

madonna was seen traveling from the uk to new york back in may in order to attend steven klein’s birthday the pop star who had been seen hugging klein at their gathering had shared with her followers just a few days before her trip that she had previously tested positive for covid where she suggested that she was an asymptomatic carrier of the illness she revealed that upon testing it was discovered that she had possessed coppa 19 antibodies and said quote so tomorrow i’m going to go for a long drive in the car and i’m going to breathe in the cobit 19 air end quote according to the world health organization having antibodies doesn’t make you immune to the virus it only helps you fight it off better if you were to have caught the virus again at

Number two gordon ramsay

chef gordon ramsay ruffled a few feathers earlier this year because he wasn’t obeying the uk’s covenant lockdown according to their rules lockdown restrictions prohibited unlimited exercise and long distance travel and they really just wanted people to stay in their homes until restrictions were lifted but it seems like chef ramsay had other plans during the lockdown he and his family traveled to their second home in cornwall it was there that people saw gordon sharing pictures of himself cycling around the area and traveling up to 25 miles away from his property this really seemed to have angered locals in the area and it even prompted the maritime coast guard agency to issue him a warning for breaking the lockdown restrictions the agency reportedly issued a statement about the chef saying we have reports of him being seen in dozens of different places since lockdown started he does not seem to be obeying the rules regarding social distancing exercising and staying at home just recently gordon had to shut down his many restaurants for the second time this year due to the pandemic so hopefully gordon respects the safety guidelines this time around as the country goes back into lockdown finally at

Number one kendall jenner

kendall jenner has been in the news lately for having thrown a party during the pandemic over the halloween weekend the model invited friends and family to celebrate her birthday and halloween at the one hotel in west hollywood though it was revealed by mom kris jenner that everyone in attendance received a rapid covet test before being allowed entry there were some fans who were still upset with the party many people pointed out that the rapid test that would have been used for the party may only detect about 32 percent of positive cases this combined with the fact that no one in attendance was wearing a mask or social distancing made fans upset as many celebrities shared photos and videos of the evenings fans

couldn’t help but point out the lack of safety precautions in place at their get-together and have been asking for accountability to be taken now before i wrap up the video let’s do some comment shout outs from the top 10 celebrities

who were rejected by their crush i am brandy says bradley cooper just didn’t want taylor swift to write a song about him probably true but at the same time i feel like that song could have been a banger he lost that with that opportunity rhiannon carney says bri have you ever been a cheerleader or part of the pep squad you are so perky and definitely could have been i was a cheerleader back when i was like 11 or 12. but like that was a very short-lived thing i’m too anti-social to

be a part of any kind of pep squad jamal vargas says true story i actually met lindsay lohan in sixth grade as she was a guest at my elementary school and she thought i was handsome that is a cool story that is definitely something to you know tell someone at the bar something trying to make friends that is a very cool story thanks so much for watching and thank you for your comments leave a comment down below telling me what’s one thing you miss doing from before the pandemic hit

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