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This week’s releases travel dangerous, unknown roads

This week’s releases travel dangerous, unknown roads

The movie industry’s new releases take us on adventures to strange lands, where the unknown lurks around every corner.

This week’s movies are filled with adventure and journeys into uncharted territory – whether it be physical or mental worlds. One of these is “The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials.” Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) leads his group out of The Glade but they continue their struggle against WCKD in this sequel that will leave you breathless until its final minutes. Even more amazing are next weekend’s offerings which include an action packed story about a top secret CIA mission during World War II starring Brad Pitt called “Fury” as well as another sci-fi flick based off one our favorite novels

This week’s releases take us on a journey across unknown lands. They explore the mysterious and hidden places that we never knew existed, but always dreamed of visiting. Travel to faraway countries where you can hear things whispered in languages unheard by human ears; see beauty that only exists deep within yourself or your imagination – these stories will lift up your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed as they show how powerful our love

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