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There’s a terrorist on the plane,” said the mentally ill man

“There’s a terrorist on the plane,” said the mentally ill man

In India, a mentally ill person aboard a plane ran into authorities.

According to Indian media, the incident took place on a flight from Goa to New Delhi in which a passenger on an Air India flight claimed that there was a terrorist on board the plane. The Kara passenger was arrested.

According to police, the passenger who reported the presence of a terrorist on the plane is not mentally healthy.

Police say the passenger first identified himself as a special cell officer and then told passengers on board that there was a terrorist on the flight, which caused panic on the flight.

According to the police, the accused was handed over to the airport police. The passenger has a medical history related to mental treatment.

Police produced the accused before a local magistrate and the magistrate ordered a psychiatric examination, after which the passenger was admitted to a psychiatric hospital after a mental health check.

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