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The Steelers dared Lamar Jackson to throw the football – Keyshawn Johnson

The Steelers dared Lamar Jackson to throw the football – Keyshawn Johnson

i’m so jealous that when i look at people that have had their quarterbacks for long extended periods of time you know it’s just like man i couldn’t land i couldn’t maybe it was me then maybe it was just me that i was just so god-awful that the good lord said no we’re not going to bless you with any quarterbacks well we would say that for those of you two young enough to remember vinnie testaverdi certainly worth looking up in brad johnson was of course key’s super bowl winning quarterback in tampa bay ben roethlisberger himself has won two super bowls he said this offseason to much laughter

even though he’s been in the league for nearly 17 years and you see rivers at the end you see eli retired the guys he came in with he said i got multiple super bowls left absolutely multiple left you can look at being prior to his injury and you could tell he was still cool like when you look at eli and you look at philip rivers from the cheverus has a little bit of a rebirth in indy because it’s you know indy whatever it looks different because they’re winning and and but when you look at them it’s like nah that ain’t gonna work when you look at big ben it’s like oh man he got another six or seven years of doing this six or seven that would take him territory i’m telling you you could look at him and tell but as long as he’s

healthy he’s good but kia at what level though because i mean big ben hasn’t this is the same level that he’s always been in this is the same and he has it looks a little bit marginal oh man he looked the same if you do winning games if you go back to big ben when he first came into this league don’t look at the numbers just look at his style of play all of it looks the same as it did yesterday he makes plays and he gets out of the way and it just looks it looks clunky never smooth but it’s effective speaking of clunky and never smooth you could make that argument when the ravens go down double digits in

the lamar jackson era incredible stat they have never rallied from 10 down to be able to win they came into yesterday’s game with the 31st passing attack in the nfl 20th in passing efficiency and when lamar needed to make one throw at the end of the game granted it was batted down in the end zone it ended the way it normally has for lamar in big spots watching that whole game in its entirety i knew that lamar jackson threw a pic start the game i knew he threw another interception that led to a drive at the beginning of the second half but with as bad as lamar jackson played the ravens still could have won the game could have been i should have i understand you but i didn’t think you know jay when you when

you’re on that sideline and they’re up eventually he’s going to do something just stay patient that is going to help us out that’s the way the coaches are telling that’s the way coach tomlin has already sent that message to his team is don’t panic just sit tight if we get an opportunity to go up on them he ain’t coming back i just i mean is the margin that great between the steelers and the ravens because i feel as for as bad as the ravens played i mean they should have still won the game

like that’s what i’m saying like i didn’t walk away from saying that game last night saying pittsburgh is that much better than the ravens wow like to have that vote of confidence for mike tomlin to say something like that that takes some yeah but i’ll take some things that are hanging low but jake i’m looking at eight i’m looking at number eight okay that number eight is not number 12 a number 12 in chicago i mean the number 12 at green bay are number 12 in tampa that’s number

eight he can’t beat us if we get up late in games pushing the ball down the field we already know that so our confidence is bubbling all we got to do is stop him and get the ball go down and score it’s a wrap that is the way that mike tomlin has taught his team talk to his team pre-game and let them know through passing maybe he didn’t even address the entire team maybe he only told one of two people like if we stop that dude man we ain’t worried about him we ain’t worried

about hollywood brown we’re not worried about snead they’re gonna catch a few passes but our team is better than them because of that quarterback i mean you have to worry about hollywood brown anyway he only got two targets for one reception i mean that’s i mean he tweeted after game that’s a problem i’m just saying if you’re the ravens you walk away and that could be a bigger sign of things that come for this team some internal issues but i mean yes a lot does fall on the shoulders of lamar jackson but i’m not walking away from that game being like oh man the steelers beat us on this one

i’m like we beat ourselves you can’t look at it that way well if you’re if you’re the ravens i can look at it that way the ravens how so you look at it number eight so we don’t have a guy you don’t have a guy in the saddle that can push the ball down the field when we need him to when we fall behind to put us ahead late in games we don’t have that guy and that’s

concrete that’s who exactly what jackson as of today okay he was not that guy leading up to yesterday and that’s why mike tomlin could say what he said now lamar is the leading and he’s dynamic when he put the take off he run all that’s cute it looks good but one of the things that they say is make him throw the football make him throw it we want we dare you to we dare you to and that starts to seep in the heads and in the minds of the offensive coordinator as well as lamar jackson

or at at times i mean ill advise pick six another ball where he’s holding it the guy beats him uh bats it out of his hand two things we should mention the rematch if you’re wondering as you kind of said taking that comment about respecting but not fearing jay they will meet again with the country watching in prime time on thanksgiving nights they want to circle that one

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