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The Higher Education Commission has banned PhD scholars from going abroad

The Higher Education Commission has banned PhD scholars from going abroad

Leaving the country for 2 years to do PhD will be banned, the new PhD policy will be effective from 2021. Department of Higher Education’s new policy

The Higher Education Commission has banned PhD scholars from going abroad, PhD holders will be banned from leaving the country for 2 years, the new PhD policy will be effective from 2021. According to details, the Department of Higher Education has implemented a new PhD policy 2021, under which PhD scholars have been banned from leaving the country.

The new policy stipulates a stay in Pakistan for two years after completing a PhD degree. Similarly, HEC Chairman Tariq Banuri, while addressing a press conference on Wednesday, January 20, said that the gap between the education system and the industrial needs has corrected the concerns about the lack of necessary skills among the graduates of Pakistani universities. Has given birth
An undergraduate education policy is designed to address these concerns. He said the policy would focus on developing practical and general academic abilities in students as well as improving the quality of the formal curriculum. “In order to develop practical skills in students, universities need to ensure that their students undergo a nine-month internship and extracurricular training before graduating.

The Chairman HEC said that universities should be committed to producing highly educated graduates whose standard of education is up to the standard. He said that vocational councils were being further strengthened to improve the quality of formal education. “Our intention is to improve the quality of our graduates as well as employers’ confidence in their degrees.

Regarding the structure of the undergraduate education policy, the Chairman HEC said that the two-year BA / BSc and MA / MSc programs have been discontinued and the four-year BS program has been adopted. The Credit Hours Associate Degree Program replaces the two-year BA / BSc program, but students who wish to continue their education after the Associate Degree have access to a four-year program. are present.

Explaining the PhD policy, the Chairman HEC said that the PhD policy has been improved to bring it in line with international standards and this policy will be implemented from January 1, 2021. BS graduates can now apply directly to the PhD in a different format, but universities will be able to admit these students by testing their preparation and commitment.

The Chairman explained that preparation means whether the aspiring students have the knowledge and ability to succeed in the PhD program. Universities will also test applicants’ commitment and intent. In addition to meeting the admission criteria, PhD students will also have to go through an examination process before completing their studies.

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