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The Harry Potter Cast REUNITES & Reveals Secrets!

The Harry Potter Cast REUNITES & Reveals Secrets!

the cast of harry potter reunited and shared some behind the scenes secrets almost two whole decades have passed since the premiere of harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone but the magic is just as alive as ever before in honor of the 19th anniversary of the first film’s debut the cast of harry potter including daniel radcliffe tom felton bonnie wright ivana lynch

rupert grint and many others took part in a virtual reunion as they reminisced on some of their fondest memories while filming together after hinting about a special reunion last month tom felton who plays draco malfoy in the movie adaptation of the popular books hosted the live event by the platform veeps using the hashtag 19 years later which

instantly began trending on social media together the cast laughed as they recalled many behind the scenes moments that went down while filming rupert grint who played harry’s best friend ron weasley just welcomed a new baby girl with his girlfriend georgia groom but was able to take a break from dad judy’s to pop in and share some never-before-heard

memories he began by admitting that he wasn’t exactly the most professional when trying to film serious scenes detailing his incessant laughing problem and even admitting that at times it would get so uncontrollable that he and daniel would have to actually film scenes separately the first film the scene where we’re in the train carriage we literally had to shoot

that separately so whenever you watch that we’re never in the same carriage because we couldn’t look at each other in the eye rupert also revealed that his laughing problem would carry into some of the most inappropriate scenes adding dumbledore’s funeral was a particular bad one for some reason i found that absolutely hilarious and yeah once you start laughing it’s very hard to stop i think a lot of us have been in that situation before am i right personally breaking out

laughing at a time i really shouldn’t be is one of my biggest fears anyway he also went on and let fans in on a little nickname he was given as a result of all the laughing saying i had a particularly bad reputation they used to call me go again grint because i could never do anything without doing it like 20 times in between the reminiscing tom also

entertained viewers with a musical performance as well as a few cameos from his four-legged co-star willow he took some time to answer fan questions like what his first memory on set was to which he responded by saying that his main

memory was simply quote a bunch of kids excited to be there running around tom also revealed why the film’s director chris columbus didn’t let the kids see the great hall until it was time to film there he wasn’t relying on the terrible acting skills of an 11 year old he actually brought us in on camera for the first time so when you see us looking around going no acting skill required at all although emma watson who played hermione granger wasn’t able to make this year’s live event

fans were thrilled to hear some good news delivered by daniel radcliffe who teased an epic reunion for next year’s 20th anniversary well my first thoughts are that this this is but a mere preview of the nostalgia we will be immersed in next

year when it is 20 years since the the first film was released on that note it’s safe to assume that potterheads from around the world were clearly having a blast during saturday night’s live stream as many took the opportunity to thank tom and the cast for putting a smile on the faces of millions after a year full of hardships and turmoil one year’s a wrote i keep watching tom felton’s home party it was absolutely brilliant thank you so much tom for making me have no worries and

just smile for the evening lots of love another fan tweeted thank you tom felton for making us all feel the love and nostalgia tonight the beautiful memories we made watching this amazing cast grow up and reminiscing together 19 years

later we’re so proud of you tom and we love you so much ah what a successful harry potter hangout this was but it only makes us that much more excited about the big 2-0 come next year and to see how tom felton recruited his father from

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