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The FATF has decided to put Pakistan on the gray list till June 2021

The FATF has decided to put Pakistan on the gray list till June 2021

India was once again disgraced. Conspiracies to blacklist Pakistan failed. The FATF decided to keep Pakistan on the gray list till June 2021.

The FATF report said that Pakistan had adopted an integrated strategy and had done a good job in counter-terrorism. Law enforcement agencies also took strong action after identifying the financing.

According to the FATF, Pakistan not only prevented the transfer of the assets of listed individuals and their entities but also took them into its custody. Adopted a comprehensive strategy on all action plans and worked hard on 24 out of 27 points.

Answering the questions of the journalists, President Fatif Marcos Player appreciated the steps taken by Pakistan and said that Pakistan had done an outstanding job in curbing terrorism.

Asked by the Indian journalist, Marcos said the FATF was not an investigative agency. He told the Indian journalist how the agency actually works.

The next meeting of the FATF will be held in June this year in which after reviewing Pakistan’s performance, it will be decided whether to withdraw from the gray list or not.

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