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The Cost Of Winning: Official Trailer

The Cost Of Winning: Official Trailer

doesn’t matter where you came from what you look like how much money you have you guys can impact the world it’s not about football it’s about getting your degree and making a difference in your community it’s one of the poorest schools in the country in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country [Music] what’s happened in the city over the last 10 years breaks your heart no team on this level has to deal with their practices getting shot up this is something that go on in baltimore every day we’re immune to it we can’t worry about what’s going on we’ve got flinch one two three biff has built such a powerhouse that he’s got a lot of people running scared the lee came up with player safety as the reason for not wanting to play us it’s not fair to take away a chance for our kids to play for a league championship that league is made up almost exclusively at white catholic schools our kids are mainly dismissed as thugs or academically deficient we know the truth so we don’t let that get to us we just hit them even harder the most important thing is getting these kids into a better situation everybody yelled for themselves in the city people that i grew up with i love like brothers and i just see them dying this is something big for us we got something to go home and say my son has done something to make me proud you

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