The Astronauts’ Stars Promise Exciting Adventures In New Series

The Astronauts' Stars Promise Exciting Adventures In New Series

‘The Astronauts’ Stars Promise Exciting Adventures In New Series

if i had to describe the astronauts with only one word it would definitely have to be adventure we’ll embark on the most significant mission in the history of mankind this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal we gotta do this i can’t believe we’re sneaking on something that like drove me to want to do the show like the astronauts because as a kid and even now i’ve always been fascinated with space and when i heard that it was we were working with imagine kids and family and ron

howard i was super excited and then just getting involved with the project meeting all these guys was super cool i would say that this is the perfect show for families to watch together because it teaches really good values and morals especially to impressionable young minds it’s really special to be able to teach those and it’s a big honor i would describe my character martin as brave protective and helpful failure in 31 minutes we’re gonna die in 31 minutes we can do this friends stick together check out the astronauts on nickelodeon november 13.

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