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The 20 Most Iconic K-Pop Fashion Moments

The 20 Most Iconic K-Pop Fashion Moments

k-pop and fashion cannot be separated instead they merged to create a unique visual experience appropriately deemed kpop fashion in the spotlight our favorites fully immerse in their concepts serving us stage outfits then there’s the casual outfits our idols wear going to catch a plane called airport fashion stars model their normal wear down the makeshift runway of the airport crossing it’s a whole event with fans and journalists eagerly waiting to capture their style it’s setting trends in asia and going worldwide global fashion brands have realized the power of an impeccably dressed k-pop star who is the best dresser in the group black pink at coachella head to toe everything was perfect stylists

stepped up for blackpink’s historic performance at coachella the event was a first for k-pop now forever cemented in the iconic pictures from the night the outfits mirror black pink’s charm glamour and that unexplainable charisma that pulls you in fans were living and all the girls looked gorgeous as they commanded the stage but even the dazzling outfits couldn’t outshine blackpink bts at 2019 sps geodagen bts always delivers on the red carpet at the 2019 sbs gayo daejeon bts stepped onto the red carpet looking like kings the subtle hues of their outfits

matched perfectly with the color theme of the event it was coincidentally placed behind them as if it was made for them it’s hard to make seven people coordinate and stand out individualistically but bts always pulls it off with ease it did help that jin and jungkook were matching

twice dahyun as elsa twice’s da hyun has long been compared to frozen’s elsa due to her fair skin and big eyes for twice’s feel special comeback she dyed her hair and ash blonde the iconic era is a fan favorite as everyone loved the heartfelt song and twice’s glamorous outfits

especially when dahyun wore an iridescent blue two-piece on stage it glimmered in the light like elsa’s dress and with her hair braided dahyun was a real life elsa blackpink in crochet for ice cream blackpink and selena gomez’s collaboration ice cream was a visual feast not a

single styling flaw it’s hard to choose the most iconic fashion moment but their crochet outfits were a standout matching the bubblegum pop sound of ice cream blackpink wore colorful hippie-inspired sets it was the perfect choice capturing the song’s playful vibe the pieces are by a

small time uk brand called fluffy with each piece handmade by artisans in a small village in indonesia bts’s times square new year’s eve

rehearsals before the new year’s eve show bts arrived at times square for rehearsals in their everyday wear fans were so excited to see their

individual styles and how each look complements their personalities needless to say fashion is in their dna j-hop looks like a natural

fashionista while these sandals were a whole mood however jungkook’s hoodie definitely stole the show kai’s solo debut in exo stylist’s go-to member for experimental styling is kai his killer proportions and confidence can make any outfit work kai’s solo debut was a fashion

experience pushing the boundaries he wore a never-before-seen piece of a bedazzled headpiece the shape of it helped kai create new silhouettes as he danced kai explains at his press conference i used fashion to grab viewers attention and help them understand my

performances i wanted to show the music dance styles fashion and visual arts that i like as a solo artist mamamoo at mama 2018 the red outfits mamamoo donned on stage during the 2018 mnet asia music awards were controversial particularly solar and hwasa as critics

deemed the outfits inappropriate as k-pop tends to be more conservative on the contrary fans were living quasa breaks the mold as she has

tanner skin and a fuller body figure her charisma oozed in her red one piece while projecting body positivity in k-pop later mamamoo released a song hip to address the criticism saying head to toe they are hip to quote them it becomes a controversy my fashion but i don’t

really care it’s just another action blackpink in modern handbox for how you like that 2020 was a historic year for blackpink their song how you like that announced their triumphant comeback after over a year during the outro the girls wore gorgeous modernized versions of the

hanbok a piece of traditional korean clothing meant for special occasions they also wore the pieces on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon the virality caused a huge spike in traffic for the original designer danha while some criticized the group for objectifying the traditional outfits

most were praising them for spreading korean culture bts’s ode to traditional korean culture blackpink weren’t the only ones sporting modern hanboks as bts wore them in their music video for idol it was to pair with idol’s korean-influenced sounds while those outfits were perfect it wasn’t as impactful as the ones they wore at the 2018 melon music awards bts’s performance in modern handbox was an ode to korean culture the 20-minute set featured idol and solo stages for jimin j-hop and jungkook each member featured a different traditional

korean dance incorporating masks fans and drums dara’s pineapple hair to anyone were trailblazers in both music and fashion never before was a k-pop girl group able to pull off their trendy sound in eccentric fashion effortlessly they stepped onto the scene with an in-your-face

sound attitude and fashion the standout was member dara with her iconic pineapple hair and white feather vest contrasting with her all-black outfit it shouldn’t work but it totally did and it’s only something dara could pull off joy’s rainbow dress red velvet’s peekaboo is one of

fans favorite eras as the girls embraced a darker sound during promotions their styling was so gorgeous that joy went viral non-kpop fans dubbed her as the k-pop girl in the rainbow dress before knowing her name is joy she was wearing a rainbow sequin dress by ashish a

favorite brand of k-pop stars orange caramel as sushi no one in k-pop can do kitsch quite like orange caramel they brought an irreplaceable energy to k-pop and helped companies realize sub-units made real bank while their whole catalina era was iconic nothing tops their sushi

outfits each member represented a piece of common sashimi the risk-taking outfits are something only orange caramel can make work it paid off as their outfits are one of the most innovative concepts in k-pop xo’s school uniforms every k-pop group does a school uniform

concept but not like exo they were on the brink of breaking out and their growl comeback put them on everyone’s radar the public-friendly styling paired with the catchiness of growl propelled exo into a national boy group girls generations skinny jeans girls generation also known

as snsd started a colored skinny jeans trend in south korea and japan from one song gee the song broke records and made them trendsetters whatever they wore became sold out instantly g and the power of their skinny jeans made them become known as the nation’s girl group

tvxqs catch me the duo’s comeback for catch me had a futuristic robot theme their stylists gave them fashion forward outfits with these unique metal arm bracings and they had a functional purpose when the backup dancers joined their arms to tvxq they formed new dance

shapes sometimes it was symbolizing long robot arms other times a flowing dragon kara’s mister even if you don’t know kara every k-pop fan will recognize mister’s catchy melody originally it wasn’t even a single they were promoting thanks to its popularity it’s now kara’s signature

song the outfits they wore were simple but iconic the colorful dickies with suspenders complemented their legendary hip dance mister was a national sensation in both korea and japan soon other groups followed using fashion accessories as part of dances in k-pop twice in purple twice’s image has evolved over the years while feel special is the perfect representation of their mature charms tt is a perfect representation of

their girl next door charms for tt twice has custom made outfits tailored to the charms of each member it was cohesive yet individualistic the color blocking gave off an understated girly vibe the light purple pulls out their feminine sides while the white compliments their innocence it

was a perfect embodiment of everything twice crayon pops bar bar bar there’s one word to describe crayon pop it’s fun it’s reflected in their outfits for the hit song bar bar bar they somehow made helmets work the song and outfits are set in k-pop history the combo of tennis skirts

over pants plus a helmet is forever associated with crayon pop everyone wanted to try their dance and wear their outfits their clothes were actually part of the athleisure trend in korea bts’s dynamite dynamite pushed bts to new heights getting their first number one on the

billboard top 100 and their grammy nominations the song was a first for them as it’s in full english

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