Thailand: School students demand education reform

Thailand: School students demand education reform

Thailand: School students demand education reform

moving on now emboldened by the protests currently sweeping thailand school students too are protesting demanding change here’s a special report take a look this mild-mannered teenage girl with round glasses and a bob haircut is not your typical school troublemaker but in the eyes of thailand’s ultra conservative school system benjamin pond ploy navas has been cast as a rebel this 15 year old is at the forefront of

thailand’s bad student movement high education system is an authoritarian system how regulations on hairstyle uniform why do we have to have exact hairstyles why do we have to wear the same uniform why do we have to tie the same bow all these things reflect authoritarianism in school that they can force students to do anything by brainwashing us via textbooks teaching students not to ask any questions but only

focusing on study and memorizing when it comes to exams thousands of thai students have been protesting to call for education reforms and teenage girls like ploy are the backbone of the bad student movement students have been demonstrating outside the education ministry tying

white ribbons to the gates some marched on the streets with a large white cloth and others staged a mock funeral for the thigh education minister even carrying a fake coffin with his photograph high schools have very strict dress standards with ponytails and ribbons compulsory for girls and military style crew cuts for boys after years of having rules enforced on them the students have now gone rogue they are

demanding cultural change equality and a relaxation of rigid rules they want an overhaul of the school system as students have freedom to

choose their own hairstyle it reflects development of the education system where students have freedom of opinion and rights over their own bodies and these show that the country has developed students who can think by themselves and be themselves in a bid to quell these youth protests fifteen-year-old ploy and another student leader have been summoned by the police and are likely to be charged student-led protests

since july have become the greatest challenge to thailand’s establishment in years dozens of arrests and attempts to curb them have so far only brought more people into the streets

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