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Taliban Take Control of Last Holdout Province

Taliban Take Control of Last Holdout Province

Taliban have taken Afghan  control of the last remaining province in Afghanistan, inciting panic among residents and signaling an end to a tentative peace process.

The news broke early this week that Afghan government forces had lost their final provincial stronghold in Ghazni Province after being pushed out by heavy fighting with local tribal militias. The Taliban’s reportedly sent hundreds of fighters into residential areas during Eid al-Adha celebrations when locals were celebrating amongst themselves instead of keeping watch for attackers – leading some to believe that they may not be able to hold onto these territories once coalition troops leave at the end of 2014 as scheduled if there are no efforts made on both sides towards reconciliation before then.

Taliban militants took control of the last holdout province in Afghanistan. The group, which has been fighting to take over Kabul since 2001, gained territory by gaining support from locals who are tired of authorities’ corruption and failure to provide security or development projects.

Taliban militants have gained control of an important stronghold for their fight against government forces after taking advantage on citizens’ frustrations with local officials’ track record that were not able to produce any tangible results on infrastructure building or peacekeeping efforts during this time period.

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