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Taliban ban girls from secondary education in Afghanistan

Taliban ban girls from secondary education in Afghanistan

Taliban leaders in Afghanistan have now forbidden girls from receiving secondary education. This means that they will not be able to leave their houses, attend school or view a teacher as anything other than an occupation for women only. The Taliban’s belief is based on the idea that educating females goes against Islamic principles and encourages western ideals which are improper according with Afghan culture at large; however many people disagree since literacy rates among males continue to rise even though there has been no significant change over time regarding female-oriented studies (source).

The Taliban imposed a ban on female students in Afghanistan to stop them from going out and doing things that are against their will. The government is allowing this as they know it’s better than what could happen if these young girls rebel or commit suicide due, but at least we’re giving you some insight into why it happens so people can understand where there rights come second place!
And while I respect your position about respecting other cultures

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