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Swing state voters weigh in on Trump, Biden ahead of Election Day

Swing state voters weigh in on Trump, Biden ahead of Election Day

so joining me now is our two pennsylvania voters josie ramos is a trump supporter from carbon county she’s a part-time teacher she worked about 15 years ago for senator santorum her husband runs latinos for trump in their area and owen dempsey a biden supporter from delaware county he’s a novelist and former teacher um and he is joining us tonight as well um owen let me start with you uh you say that you are you were born in ireland uh and that you became a citizen because you wanted to vote against president trump is that right it is correct i’ve been living here since 2008 and i was on a green card and it was the motivating factor was this election coming up i obviously you know i felt like a bit like the boston tea party tax rep taxation without representation wasn’t sitting too well with me either but uh the major factor me

becoming a us citizen was in order to vote in this election yes so josie let me bring you in here you say that you spent a lot of time talking to voters in pennsylvania and you think that the state or at least your area is being somewhat misread by these polls i do um i’m originally from carbon county but i do a lot of work in allentown which is the third largest city in pennsylvania uh allentown is extremely liberal a lot a high minority population who is used to having having been many years on government assistance and the welfare and the whole poverty cycle and what we’re seeing which is very exciting during this campaign in the last couple months are people coming in to talk with me or other people that i know are

family members or neighbors in the city saying you know i’m researching for myself and i’m finding out that the party that i’ve been voting for has been duping me all my life i’m pro-life i mean my community and there’s a large hispanic and black community in allentown is is largely pro-life um you know faith guides the family as well they’re starting to see that um you know being on government assistance requires them to have split families in order to have a higher government assistant check and they’re tired of that they want families they want fathers in their family and they’re saying the other side is not giving that to me and so we’re seeing a lot of people asking questions researching for themselves my

community coming in to kind of confirm those answers and changing their parties changing affiliation interesting uh owen obviously the economy has been through a very tough time with covid and there have there’s been some pushback against the governor in pennsylvania for not opening things up not letting you know restaurants and and gyms and all of these places really get back to their full capacity um what do you say about that and does that influence your vote at all um well i think that’s trying to restart the economy without tr without effectively dealing with the virus is a waste of time i

like i i think the virus is so important in our lives today it’s completely dominating our lives at the moment the 225 000 americans have died millions of people infected and it’s only getting worse the situation is getting i think the record for the amount of cases in one day was this week now um president trump has tried to blame the governors on this and blaming each individual governors and breaking things into red states and blue states whereas it’s his responsibility for

the country of the united states of america as far as governor wolf’s concerned he’s been very good i thought he’s he’s our rates haven’t been overly bad of course with like a lot of things in the last week or so they have gone up but he’s been he’s given a lot of information um and i i’m quite grateful for that i must say okay owen uh and josie thank you both very much good to have both of you with us tonight share your viewpoints

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