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Supermodel Linda Evangelista Claims She’s “Permanently Deformed” After Cosmetic Procedure

Supermodel Linda Evangelista Claims She’s “Permanently Deformed” After Cosmetic Procedure

Supermodel, Linda Evangelista recently announced that she had cosmetic surgery and says it has permanently changed her appearance. She doesn’t plan on having any more procedures because of how much this one procedure altered the way people see her forever!
The iconic model revealed in an interview with Vanityodeon UK about what life is like after plastic surgery: “It’s tough at times but then you come to terms; maybe these are some things I’m going through for beauty.” When asked if there will ever be another operation done by such as “Dermal filler treatment?,” Her answer was quick – no dice.

Linda Evangelista is a supermodel who has graced the cover of many magazines and billboards. Recently, she revealed in an interview that before modelling for photo shoots or print ads at age 17 when her career began taking off; there was one thing sitting on top of this beautiful face which made all others seem ugly by comparison – “a big nose.” A few years later after appearing on covers around world-wide with photographers like Mario Testino & David Bailey during Pretty Woman era alongside then boyfriend Richard Gere as plastic surgery rumors swirled about how much cosmetic procedures had changed Hollywood forever? Well now we know why everyone always said he looked better without makeup because according to Linda they finally fixed what wasn’t broken!


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