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Students should advocate for voting rights

Students should advocate for voting rights

Students should take the right to vote seriously and exercise their civic duty by voting in elections. I can use my experience as a student at this college and also talk about how students are more focused on themselves rather than society, which would help with creating an argument that shows why it’s important for students to get out there and start using their voice.

Students must fight for voting rights.

Voting is important to all students of the United States, and they should advocate that every citizen has a right to vote rather than allowing politicians take these privileges away from people who are not wealthy or do not have time off work on election day.

The student group that I am a part of, the College Democrats, is advocating for voting rights in order to make our college and society better. We are working with other organizations on this campaign because we want all students who have reached an age where they can vote to be able to do so without any obstacles or issues. This will encourage them not only take advantage of their right as citizens but also go out and share their opinions by choosing candidates at election time which should lead us towards more positive change within our community overall

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