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Streamer Ludwig Has Been Hit With 3 YouTube Bans in One Week

Streamer Ludwig Has Been Hit With 3 YouTube Bans in One Week

Popular online streamer and YouTube creator, Tyler “Ludwig” Moon, has recently been hit with three YouTube bans in only one week. Ludwig, who is known for streaming Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Twitch and making YouTube Let’s Plays of popular video games, received the first ban for three days.
The second ban, which was for one month, was issued after Ludwig made another video with him playing another video game called ‘Counter Strike: Global Offensive’ on his YouTube channel. The third and final ban was for one year and was issued for a video where he was playing the game ‘Grand Theft Auto’. Ludwig revealed on Twitter that he was unsure of YouTube’s reasoning behind the multiple bans, but he was going to continue making videos. Ludwig was also banned from Twitch once in the past, but it was only for a week.
Streaming has become a big deal over the past year and a lot of big streamers are building incredibly big audiences on sites like Twitch.tv and YouTube. However, with big numbers also comes big problems. The past week has been particularly rough for one famous streamer, who has been hit with three YouTube bans in the span of just a few days.
The streamer, who goes by the name Ludwig, was first banned for 30 days after he played a game with a view to win some money. He was then hit with another ban of 30 days after he made his YouTube channel private and then once more after he violated the terms of service by posting a live video.

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