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Sri Lankan candid singer Sunil Perella dies at age 68

Sri Lankan candid singer Sunil Perella dies at age 68

Sri Lanka’s iconic singer Sunil Perella has passed away in Los Angeles at age 68.
Sri Lankan candid singer, also known as the ‘singing bus driver’, Sunil Perella is no more with us today. He was an icon in Sri Lanka who brought joy to many lives through his soulful music and worked closely with UNICEF for decades doing humanitarian work all over the world including several African countries like Somalia where he had performed on live TV even during times of war! His songs are still played daily across radio stations worldwide celebrating his love-inspiring legacies that were made possible by working hard throughout life while helping others along the way…
Sunil Perella dies at age 68; songwriter & philanthropist

Sri Lankan singer Sunil Perella died on Monday, August 6th at age 68. He is known for his candid songs where he spoke about the political situation in Sri Lanka during its civil war and also of love between people regardless of race or religion.

Sri Lankan social media star turned musician Sunil Perella passed away this week after suffering a heart attack according to reports by local news outlets including The Nation newspaper . According to sources close to him , Mr Perella was relaxing with friends when he suffered an unexpected sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) which led doctors at Yala hospital where they were rushed attempting treat but sadly nothing could be done due to the extent loss blood pressure resulting from SCA caused brain damage

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