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Spain lockdown: How domestic workers became prisoners

Spain lockdown: How domestic workers became prisoners

just learning about the world reality from the FIFA my phone without being able to put one foot in the street session made in Spain lockdown yes men something films en this pin what we have a motto that says internship slavery modern  again and export Andrews during le mans mini GP pandemic the street practically told me that it came from the prostitution that we people emigrants are not good for nothing and it goes to the trash that is franklin to the influential

tigers keep sometimes buying their food but not so I couldn’t take those foods at night he only told me that he had right to a coffee before there was the jatropha curcas told me that first who will show me my breasts you will show me twice she got into the room She told me that I had to sleep with the Winslow Townson was afraid because now last and he

was turning very aggressive everyday rudeness screaming my then for me that time it was and was gold handles of a lift there is no more wifi women and present NBA James synthesis everyone covers me his Khost experiment from handling hypersise ned freedom house atmosphere common spirit sandwich lights generalities of milestone and well what hans

light is I was confined from the other of March I can’t really leave the house my gps they tell me that I could get it in the groin I am minimally during that alcohol crisis and I spent very hard days was the overload of work and lack of consideration and abuse being alone and families without going out for months in Spain walking in the hands of living

network home computer 330 of 6000 and bus wright we have a motto that says modern-day slavery internship because the women who work in the internship is believed to be a robot and transit but in addition to Cannes Angelina plan my opinion srtba ground and women yu ting tings o night like to read today we read in the news that the police had to rescue a domestic worker on Sunday told the employer that the Employer said no I don’t know could go and began to shout

asking help because the employer told her that I was going to kill her I am right here waiting to receive a grant from the bank of food club wish Spain who says it is lockdown if he eats from Colombia I had to inform that rsc the heart to be increased work in the tree is speaker profile the English so much fun in beer put it well I had told them that I I was serving my time here in Spain in May and that I could start doing my documents they started with evasions with evasions

and I do not know suddenly with what of the dismissal I was left with that illusion of that they had promised to do me in that diligence well, it’s fine kept calling happiness for to catch me and take me from deporting one feels unprotected

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