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SOPs issued for travel in Saudi Arabia

SOPs issued for travel in Saudi Arabia Riyadh: The Saudi Civil Aviation Department has issued SOPs regarding travel at Saudi airports.

According to Arab media, the Civil Aviation Department says that those who do not provide medical information and do not report corona symptoms during house isolation will be barred from traveling.

People who do not arrive at the airport long before the flight will also not be allowed to travel.

The Civil Aviation Department says people with temperatures above 38 will also not be allowed to travel.

Passengers who do not comply with safety measures will also be barred from traveling, especially those who do not wear masks at airports and on planes.

Travel will be stopped even if the social distance is not restricted, every passenger has to keep his hands sanitized again and again.

The Department of Civil Aviation has banned foreign passengers over the age of 8 from presenting a Corona Virus Certificate issued by a reputable agency.

Saudi citizens and foreigners residing outside the kingdom must comply with house isolation.

The Civil Aviation Department added that sanitizers have been installed at all 26 airports in Saudi Arabia.

All workers and medical staff are banned from undergoing medical tests, hand sanitizing, wearing masks and gloves, while all airports are being sanitized on a regular basis.

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