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Sophie Albert shares her postpartum journey

Sophie Albert shares her postpartum journey

Sophie Albert shares her postpartum journey with the world in hopes to help other mothers who may be struggling. She discusses how it feels after giving birth, especially when one day you feel like yourself and others days are not your best self. It can make a new mother question herself or what she is doing wrong because no matter what they do there’s never enough time for everything that needs to get done each day of parenting their child – both physically/mentally draining tasks included!

Sophie Albert shares her postpartum journey by sharing feelings about being a mom along with everyday struggles one faces while trying to take care of themselves as well as their baby during this important stage in life.

Sophie Albert shares the story of her postpartum journey after giving birth to her son.

Sophie is in pain and not sleeping well, but she knows it’s only temporary; when that high comes back (if ever), there’ll be a low right behind it. She tells herself this every night as another wave crashes over her like an angry sea ready to swallow whole anything caught up in its tide—and Sophie feels utterly helpless against the water smashing into them both again and again until nothing remains except for one formless mass floating along with any other flotsam on top before sinking out of sight forever once they’ve reached their destination at last… All while simultaneously trying desperately to convince herself

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