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Soho London Independent Film Festival: Swara Bhasker wins 

Soho London Independent Film Festival: Swara Bhasker wins

The Soho London Independent Film Festival is proud to announce that Swara Bhasker has won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Award for her role as Sheere Qorma.
A woman must go on an emotional journey while uncovering dark secrets about herself when she returns home-literally only yards away from where she was born and grew up, but never noticed until now due to years spent working abroad -to attend her mother’s funeral after being estranged since childhood; there are some things one cannot escape even if you run or hide

In a rare occurrence for the Indian film industry, Swara Bhasker has been given yet another award at this year’s Soho London Independent Film Festival. Her performance as Qorma was so convincing that it earned her not just one but two Best Actress in Supporting Role Awards–completing an incredible turnaround from last year when she lost all three to other actresses who were nominated.”

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