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Skydance Scraps Matthew McConaughey Soccer Movie Dallas Sting

Skydance has pulled the plug on their latest project, Dallas Sting. This drama was set to be directed by Kari Skogland and stars Matthew McConaughey in what would have been his first major film role since winning an Academy Award for Best male lead earlier this year (2018). The production is now just over six weeks away from beginning filming after being delayed due largely because of scheduling conflicts between actor commitments overseas where he’s currently performing as part Tuvalu’s.

This project will be an epic story of one man’s passion for the sport and his quest to achieve what seemed impossible. It centers around Coach Bill Kinder, who led a team made up mostly by girls from Dallas that traveled across oceans only wish was challenging enough – but then again these were not just any opponents; they included some…well-regarded ladies teams in China! The film should prove compelling thanks both its timeframe (1984) as well howankainged entitled “The Best,” which always makes things interesting

Skydance Scraps Matthew McConaughey Soccer Movie Dallas Sting

the producers of this film were deeply disturbed by allegations made against them. These claims lead to their decision not only cancel but also apologize for any distress caused during production on “The Voice Within.”

The production spent a considerable amount of effort and money to find actual soccer players who could then be worked with on their acting abilities. The casting directors went through countless hours interviewing, filming auditions from different participants before they found the perfect person for this role!

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