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Singer Reba McEntire gets trapped after stairs collapse, rescued

Singer Reba McEntire gets trapped after stairs collapse  rescued

Reba McEntire, the country singer who’s been on many TV shows and commercials over her career was trapped after stairs gave way underneath of her. The rescue crew had difficulty getting Reba out because they needed a ladder large enough for such an occasion but luckily she is safe now that it has happened!

Country singer Reba McEntire got trapped after a set of stairs collapsed, and she was successfully rescued.
The 66-year old woman from Oklahoma City is now safe inside her home following this morning’s incident at around 9:30am CDT (12 local). The crane operator on site noticed that there were no lights coming out into hallway which indicates someone may still be stuck below ground level as per standard protocol when tasked with removing them during emergencies like these ones–so they took extra steps just in case! Management approved adding more manpower so together we managed to free two victims while keeping other workers away until backup arrived

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