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Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Have The Cutest Love Story

shawn mendes and camilla cabello’s romance has been a five-year love story that made it past the friend zone and they’ve flourished as an adorable couple we all love we’ve all suspected that sean and camilla would make a great couple people have been whispering about them for years and the rumors never stop [Music] five years ago sean and camilla were a lot younger and still just trying to figure themselves out shawn even said being 18 takes a lot of courage to tell the woman you love that you love her they struggled for nearly five years with fears of rejection and anxiety about it ruining their friendship before they became official so what happened in those five years as their love for each

other slowly simmered in spite of all the rumors i love him he’s like one of my best friends and yeah i love him shawn mendes shawn mendes and camilla cabello’s ongoing adorable love story begins in 2014. this was the era of their love where they sort of seemed confused and weren’t sure if they really liked each other in that romantic way the two met in july while they both opened for austin mahone camilla was in

fifth harmony at the time and shawn mendes was doing his own thing camilla revealed she wanted to hang out with sean when they toured together but he was too focused on playing guitar and was a bit of a recluse you know i thought he was cute but i was like he’s he’s doing other stuff so moving into 2015 the two posed for photos at the 2015 vmas and the rumor mill began speculating in a 2015 interview with

james corden they were asked if they were dating [Applause] the two fumbled and were both so defensive saying they had never kissed and had no feelings for each other even james gordon left and said he doesn’t believe them sean watching it back says it was hard that interview

was just a confused sean uncertain of his feelings for camilla in april of 2015 mendes played a game of lips wife or leave it with chloe grace moretz jade therwell and camilla you can probably guess that mendes chose to wife cabello saying yeah she’s up she rocks at some point in

2015 the pair met up backstage at a taylor swift concert during her 1989 tour cabello went into his dressing room to say hi and before she knew it they were writing a song she said that’s really when the saga started i really liked him i guess he liked me but i didn’t really know in november they released their first duet i know what you did last summer and the rumors intensified about the two the song’s lyrics seem to

imply that something more was going on they performed the song on the talk show circuit including on the tonight show around this time shawn began writing his second album he heard she had feelings for another guy and ended up writing ruin about her lyrics like i’m not

trying to ruin your happiness baby but darling don’t you know that i’m the only one revealed his confusion at the time in june 2016 they won the best pop video and fan favorite at the iheart music video awards and looked so cute on stage later in march of 2017 they covered kiss me

by ed sheeran as a duet and it was getting harder to believe that they didn’t have feelings for each other fast forward to may and camilla releases her first single crying in the club shawn tweeted speechless goosebumps all over you’re incredible seriously so cute of him to support her at around 2018 shawn reports that he finally admitted to himself that he had feelings for camilla worth pursuing this sort of marked the

undercover phase of their romance in april 2018 sean released his third studio album shawn mendes during the tour he told beats one radio oh my god she is my favorite person in the whole world i don’t think you’ll ever meet somebody who can feel emotion like her in all aspects

her love for what she believed in was so powerful that it just kind of pushed me to like make an entire album out of inspiration of the one night caveo responded with a tweet after she heard the interview i shouldn’t be crying at this time in the morning but i am crying emoji

purple heart emoji crying emoji i love you so much shawn mendes at around this time the two started showing up together in one another’s social media feeds more cabello surprised people with a photo of her and shawn together at one of his shows in december cabello tweeted

canadian fury plus latin sass with the two of them writing their duet senorita in january of 2019 they dropped their second duet with the senorita video the video was almost too much for the internet to handle i mean at this point it was getting impossible to believe this duo

didn’t have feelings for each other at around this time cabello and her boyfriend matthew hussey were reported to have broken up according to e news in the middle of july things started to pop off there was no hiding the romance anymore and pda began to reveal the feelings they

had for one another but shawn’s busy tour complicated things for the two of them the two spent the fourth of july together and were acting like a couple one witness at the party said he was holding her at one point and they were staring into the ocean they were both smiling the

entire time and camilla was laughing a lot they rarely mingled with other people and were together the entire evening they were telling people they were a couple but no public statements had been made by either star right after the 4th of July tmz caught some major PDA from the couple the two shared pancakes at a meal in san francisco and a source told us weekly they looked very much like a couple you could see

them making out at the table he had his arm around her a lot of the meal they looked in love in that month e published some reports from sources close to the pair that talked about the secret status of their relationship things were moving very fast a source said they haven’t wanted to be a part at all it’s 24 7 and it’s all out at this point the month of august concluded with a steamy performance by the couple at the

vmas the performance of senorita ended with a romantic almost kiss and their chemistry was palpable even taylor swift was in awe by the

performance their songs shot up to the top of the billboard hot 100 shortly after the vmas apparently at around this time the couple decided to live in the same west village apartment the couple seemed very much in love at this point and they were clearly willing to show that to

people but not quite ready to put a label on it in september sean finally confirmed they’re in a relationship in a hushed way saying honestly i want to say i want to talk to you guys about this stuff but it’s not just me in the relationship things only sped up from here in october cabello gave an interview and publicly declared her love for sean telling rolling stone that the two fell for each other while collaborating on i know

what you did last summer yeah we’re pretty happy i really really love him a lot fast forward to now the virus may have changed all our lives

and distanced some of us but the beautiful couple grew closer than ever during this time they decided to quarantine together and even put on a livestream concert for the global citizen and the who and had plenty of cute intimate moments during the set by now the couple has posted countless pics and videos during the lockdown of them together on social media they were seen participating in the black lives matter march

in september they’ve surprised patients at the children’s national hospital in washington dc with a video chat and have shared glimpses of their new album the adorable couple clearly has plans for their future together and we can’t wait to watch as things between them continue to unfold they have our love and adoration and we cannot wait to see them continue to mature and grow together

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