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Shaheer Sheikh, Ruchikaa Kapoor welcome baby girl

Shaheer Sheikh, Ruchikaa Kapoor welcome baby girl

Shaheer Sheikh, RThey said it was love at first sight when Shaheer Sheikh and Ruchikaa Kapoor met for the first time. Now they have welcomed their beautiful baby girl!
The Sikh IT guy from India has been living abroad while his Punjabi girlfriend studied Nursing back home but both were drawn towards each other like magnets so much that soon after reconnecting last year there became an instant connection which led to marriage in 2016 (even though a lot of people thought he’s too old). The young mamasiam hopes this will not only strengthen her relationship with him as husband material or otherwise, but also help them improve communication skills going forward due some rough patches lately caused mainly by misunderstandings on either enduchikaa Kapoor welcome baby girl

Shaheer Sheikh and Ruchikaa Kapoor have welcomed a gorgeous baby girl into their family.
The couple were celebrating with the rest of us today at home! They named her Asmi Fatima, which means “the one who provides.” Congratulations girls on behalf everyone here in Canada Down Syndrome Organization (CDSO). This also makes them grandparents for two soon-to-be grandkids: Rehana & Ismail from Aaliyah’s mama Zaria Saeed 🙂
We hope all is well my guy friends – how are things…spoiler alert they’re going great!! We had our biz meeting last week but what was really exciting happened afterwards when I found out

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