Senator Grassley: ‘It’s very important’ to get a ninth justice on the Supreme Court

Senator Grassley: 'It’s very important' to get a ninth justice on the Supreme Court

Senator Grassley: ‘It’s very important’ to get a ninth justice on the Supreme Court

senator chuck grassley sir thanks for joining us on this very busy very important Saturday we appreciate it um lots of activity over there on capitol hill this weekend i had an old boss who used to say to me don’t confuse activity for out put so my question to you sir is does any of the speech if in gand the meetings going on this weekend impact the out come the end goal for monday no it’ll be 5149to 48 and we know that right now and it would be a good thing if senator sch would let us vote right now and then use the rest of saturday sundayand Monday to talk about the covid legislation that they won’t let us bring up as a vote earlier this week i think it’s a great week that we’re having a great weekend we’re having in the sense of getting the third supreme court justice under president trump president trump promised that the type of people he’s going to put on the supreme court and this is the third one of that type what you might call a strict constructionistas opposed to what democrats normally put on  justices that like to legislate and things like that so it’s a great day and you heard from my colleague senator ernst she’s here this weekend working on it as well and it is an extraordinary session but to get ninth justice on it’s very important that we do this so if this goes according to your plan and amy coney barrett gets confirmed orgets pushed through the entire senatemonday she will do soalong a party line vote as you your selfmentioned sir it’s going to be a firstin history we know you and your republican colleagues would rather take it than leave it so this is the best you’re going to do right now but do you feel good about that do you feel good about the precedent that it sets going forward into the future to have not a single member of the opposition endorse your candidate well we had the same vote for kavanaugh as you know and i think we had the same vote for gorsuchuh it’s so it’s a little different if you have a republican president if you have a democrat president like we did with the two democrats that like sotomay or and kagan that the previous president put ona lot of republicans voted for them but i think democrats feel a little more comfortable being very very partisan about it as opposed to republicans because so to my error and kagan got alot of republican votes when we had ademocrat presidentand even some of those times we had ademocrat senateyeah fair point so former vpjoe biden says that if he wins in november he’s going to appoint possibly a special commission to look into adding justices to the bench what we colloquiallyrefer to as court packing what are your thoughts about that well we’ve had nine justices for 150 years there’s been times that we’ve had less than nine justices and i think that that it’s their way or it’d be biden’s way of satisfying these and ersander easter’s you know the progressivewing of his party who are demanding this to put a 10th11th 12th and 13th member on the supremecourt because theythey want a majority that i described aspeople that are judicial activistsuh people that want when there’s a voidin a 50-year-old law let’s say well the supreme court ought to put it in well that’s a big difference between barrett and a lot of people that democrats put on the supremecourt because she said my jobis to interpret law not to make laws so if there’s something that you don’t likeabout the statutedon’t come to the supreme court to getthe void filled inlet congress do what congress issupposed to do legislate that’s thechecks and balances of governmentso sir i get your point which is thatadding justiceswould certainly move us in a directiontowardspotentially politicizing the court ifthe government majority is free to addjustices as they want to going forwardit sets a precedent that not a lot offolks are comfortable with but on theanother handdemocrats point out nothing in thea constitution that prevents us from doingit and republicansthrough the process of rushing throughsupreme court justices have brought us tothis place where the rules are now we will do whatever we can no hold barredwell that’s where those lection all comes about with uh senator Schumer let’s sayputting in200 million dollars in Iowa to beat JoniErnst because he wants to take controlof the united states senate and he says every thing is on the table packing the supreme court is one of the things that are on the tablealso doing away with the 60 vote the requirement in the united states senateso that they can do things in a partisan way today the senate is the only institutionin oura political system that forces bi partisanship because 53 republicanscan’t get anything doneunless I’m talking about legislation nownot judgesbut you can’t pass a bill

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