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Senator Cotton: It’s ‘vital’ for GOP to hold Senate majority

Senter Cotton: It’s ‘vital’ for GOP to hold Senate majority

Evidence of widespread abuse. harris: thank you very much. I want to bring in the republican senator tom cotton. And also a veteran. Thank you very much for all you do. He talked about the vote margin between Biden and trump in Georgia. How tight is what we are seeing in the presidential race to what we could see in the senate 00

runoff race particularly in Georgia? Well, harris, happy veterans day to all of the veterans, and thanks to you all for your service. Happy veterans day to our service members’ families. Harris, you know how much harris, you know how much husband and wives and children of service members sacrifice. The Georgia run offense. We want to maintain a strong military and continue to give our veterans top-notch healthcare and it’s vital to reelect the champions for the military

family in Georgia. They will continue to be so if reelected on January fifth. Harris: senator Rubio told reporters yesterday if trump runs in 2024, he will be the front runner and will probably be the nominee. But we are not even through with 2020. That’s on the screen for everybody to see. Your reaction? Yeah, we should try to put 2020 in the books before moving on to future elections. Obviously some states like georgia are going through manual recounts and arizona is

counting ballots. The president has challenges in other states. We have two vital run offs in georgia not decided for 8 weeks. That’s where all of the energy of republican senators and republicans across the country will be focussed on saving that senate majority. Put 2020 in the books before we turn to 2024. Harris: you are going down to georgia. You told my

team you plan to make several trips. Why? What do you hope to accomplish there? I already mead a couple of trips to georgia this fall to campaign. I will go back for kelly and david. It’s so vital that we hold the senate majority. Chuck schumer said it well last weekend on the streets of new york. He took a bull horn and said first we take georgia and then

we change america. If georgia elects a socialist, they will try to transform america and pack the supreme court and make washington, d.c. a state and outlaw anything but mail-in ballots. They will eliminate the electoral college and take your guns and use tax guns to fund late term abortions. That’s why rubio is there today and so many other republican senators

will be in georgia for the next 8 weeks. I hope they got the turkey ready for thanksgiving and stocking stuffers for christmas. A lot of us will be down there campaigning for kelly and david. harris: and a lot of democrats. Abu ghraib — it will be a hot spot to cover. Abrams abrams. Here’s a senator. This is an uncertain time in the next 71 days. It’s past time

for republican leaders to say accept the results of this election. I continue to work with colleagues to urge them to do so. The transition will be chaotic at best if it doesn’t get moving very soon. Harris: what is your reaction to that?  well, with all respect to chris, i don’t mean democrats singing from that hymninal in 2016 when they claimed that russia threw the

election to donald trump and seized on a laughable fabrication of the steele dossier. It turned out to be nothing but fantasy. I don’t remember that tune from democrats in 2000 when al gore contested the florida election for more than 5 weeks. Donald trump has every right to ensure that every legal ballot is counted and no illegal votes are included in the tallies. Harris: i want to get to where we started before today. We are honoring veterans and president trump worked to

improve the vaand to lower unemployment among veterans. It hit a low of 3.1% last year. In the middle of the pandemic it’s 5.5%. You can speak to this having served as an army captain in afghanistan and iraq and so much more at the arlington national cemetery with the guard there. Senator cotton, what is your reaction to that?  Well, the pandemic

knocked the economy on its back. It was the strongest economy in decades. We are starting to come back. Not everyone is back to work. We need to make sure we are getting our veterans back to work. They provide so much value to businesses and communities. One thing i saw watching my soldiers leave the army and transition into the private sector, the military can teach skills valuable to communities skills valuable to communities and employers that any industry can use like

discipline, teamwork and disrmz. Teamwork and disrmz. — determination. You would see the veteran unemployment rate fall to zero. There is no one more dedicated to a team and mission success than american’s veterans. >> harris: that’s so true. For the military families, it’s up to us to work with civilians to galvanize to hire.

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