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Senator Cory Gardner on what a Democrat majority Senate will look like

Senator Cory Gardner on what a Democrat majority Senate will look like

we are not only electing a president on november 3rd we are electing all of our representatives and roughly one-third of the senate let’s bring in one of those candidates who is running for reelection republican senatorcory gardner of colorado he sits on the senate committees on foreign relation senergy and natural resources and commerce science and transportation senator gardnert hanks very much for being with us we know that control of the senate is very much in up in the air this time around there are possibilities that democrats could take control that would leave chuck sch eras senate majority leader the country has never seen chuck sch era senate majority leader what do you think that would be like well i think it would be what we heard the other night a ban on oil and gasa destruction of hundreds of thousands of jobs in colorado massive tax in creases a regulatory over take that likes of which we’ve never seen it would undo the work that we did prior to the pandemic and building up our economy and prevent our economy from getting back on track that’s what a chuck schumer majority would look like you think we have nine justices on the supreme court now he would add a 10th 11th 12th 13 then ough to have a supreme court that will rule the way he wants to it would be a disaster for our country’s recovery i know in your first debate with your opponent former colorado governor john hickenlooper he didn’t exactly answer the question about court packing whether he thought it was appropriate or not do you do you think democrats really would increase the number of justices on the supreme court if they well of course of course they would that’s why they’renot saying they won’t if they wouldn’t do it they’d say no we’re not going to do it and remember court packing isn’t this or wellian news speak that they’re trying to make it out to be that oh you’ve spent the last four years putting these enominees on the court that’s court packing that’s not what it is for 150 years we’ve known there are nine supreme court justices that court packing means you add another seat you add another slot to that court in the case of the supreme court it’s making it 10 11 12 15 and the idea being that you add enough judges the justi cesso that they will rule the way you want to because it became clear in the judiciary committee hearings that they believe the supreme court is a super legislating body that if they can’t win at the ballot box if they can’t win on the floor of the united states senate that they’re going to try to pack the court because they want the judges to make the laws that they simply can’t get done senator cory gardner of colorado senatorthank you

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