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Senate Dems hold a press conference

Senate Dems hold a press conference

Attention to him but dr murthy was just brilliant in his presentation and he’s going to have real input so that made all of us feel a lot better you could sort of feel the change in atmosphere in this whole town just when we had dr murthy there today and everyone felt very good about it now um it’s clear that senator biden’s team i’m sorry president-elect biden’s

team is ready to hit the ground running and there’s going to be light at the end of the tunnel finally the coveted tunnel and it’ll get brighter every day we’ll have an administration that acknowledges the crisis that takes this job seriously that will listen to the council of scientists and doctors and they understand the president’s team president-elect’s team understands this is a problem that goes way beyond just the private sector alone you definitely need a strong robust

government involvement they’re going to work to drive down the infection rate ensure vaccines and new treatments are safe and he made it clear just having a vaccine leader mcconnell said well we have a vaccine we don’t need a bill it’s not close to enough there are so many other things that have to be done in addition to the vaccine and it’s going to take

unfortunately even under the best of circumstances a considerable amount of time before everybody is vaccinated it’s also going to take considerable educating the public that the vaccine is okay before everyone is vaccinated so we are we feel very very strongly that we have to move forward the needs of the amer of the american people didn’t go away after the election they’re still hurting families hit hardest by the pandemic still are struggling to keep food on the table a roof over

their heads so we’re going to have to work together and we are looking for a comprehensive bill that meets the needs of america and we agree with the house on this issue so pressure is on republicans to deliver leader mcconnell and all of my republican colleagues will have an opportunity to show the american people that they’re ready to get to work and meet the moment of this crisis democrats are going to work to get a strong bill done we hope our republican colleagues will join

us to finish the job and i’m just going to make one other point on another issue and that is that so many republicans today seem to be backing the president on his lawsuits make no mistake about it this is that this is not one state where there’s a 597 vote difference these are many states where there are tens of thousands of votes different and the republicans have no

legal case they are politically distraught but that’s not going to create any any success for them in the courts bobby i want to thank senator schumer and senator murphy senator baldwin for being with us i wanted to start with today with the words of the president back in may he said and i’m quoting we want to terminate health care under in what he called obamacare i’ll refer to as the affordable care act terminate health care that was his goal now everything he’s done in his

four years as president has been in furtherance of that goal and everything republicans in the senate have done has been the same so when i think about for pennsylvania terminating health care under the affordable care act i think about a lot of numbers five and a half million people with a pre-existing condition a million people lose coverage but maybe more than the numbers it’s the people just in the last couple of weeks and even in one case over a long period of time i’ve come

to know a couple of families who would be directly affected so i i don’t think of the numbers i think of i think of aaron and her daughter abby i think of shannon and her daughter sienna sienna has down syndrome abby has multiple complex medical needs so for those mothers destroying the aca is uh personal to them and would devastate their lives if the court strikes down the affordable care act it will be an act of injustice and it would be in my judgment robbery judicial robbery

people have coverage now for and i won’t go into all of it you already know the the the data but that would be robbery by the court and republicans in the senate for about a decade now have lied about this they’ve lied over and over again they said they would come up with a replacement they never have i don’t think they ever even intended to because they would

have had it done by now and they also lied that they could do it a different way they can come up with a bill that covered more than 20 million people had all the protections and all the gains for filling the donut hole all the other protections but they could do it a republican less expensive way that is a lie and everyone knows that so they’ve been lying for a

decade about it now we’re in the precipice of a of a supreme court decision in a few months that could wipe out all those gains and here’s what it wipes out in terms of medicaid expansion this has been a lifeline to so many americans we know that most of the coverage gains were medicaid expansion in my home state of the million who got coverage eight four zero

eight hundred and forty thousand plus got coverage through medicaid expansion that means that someone who had a substance use disorder problem subset of that is the opioid crisis they got coverage and treatment because of it just in pennsylvania in one year 2019 over 135 000 people were able to receive treatment for a substance use disorder problem because they had medicaid expansion only because they had that uh coverage we know you know the story about the

donor hole that’s been been filled because of of because of the affordable care act and what that’s meant to so many seniors we’re told that in 2016 alone close to five million americans on medicare received an average of one thousand ninety dollars per person in donut hall uh savings so the the the benefits to this literally the benefit to saving lives let alone just coverage are numerous so when when we go into these next couple of weeks of debate on a clova 19 relief bill i

believe it has to focus on at least three groups of americans more than this but these are the three priorities in my judgment older americans communities of color and people with disabilities and the way to help all three is somewhat interrelated to help people with disabilities we need to invest in home and community-based services that means medicaid funding to help communities of color we need to invest in in medicaid for for the obvious reasons and finally for

older americans we need to do we need to put in place a strategy to get the case number and the death number down in nursing homes more than 91 000 americans have died in nursing homes when you combine the resident deaths and the worker deaths together 91 000 and counting there’s no excuse for for that happening there’s no excuse why we can’t

knock that number down finally let me say this when i talked about shannon and and aaron when i started out here’s what here’s what shannon said i’ll close with this her daughter sienna as i said has down syndrome she talks about all the fights they’ve had to wage the name of the group as you all know is little lobbyists just the fact that this group exists is an indictment of washington that they needed to become advocates such that they would call themselves lobbyists here’s what she said once again we as parents are forced to suit up for battle and prove that our children are worthy of health

care unquote why the hell should parents have to suit up for battle to help their children in the united states of america because a group of ideologues are at the supreme court now telling them to strike it down that is that is perverse it’s disgusting and it’s un-american thank you leader schumer for bringing us together and congratulations on your your

election as leader for the 117th congress and i wanted to add to your remarks about how having a guest speaker at our caucus was so uplifting today to think about having science and medicine respected and guiding our response to this pandemic and it made me also sad about how much we’ve missed that for so long and i did want to note one thing for the public record the leader mentioned our our caucus lunch but it was we might or might not have been eating lunch at the

time but it was virtual we were on the phone distanced etc i just want to remind people that that’s how the democratic caucus has been conducting its business no one saw am i peanut butter and jelly yes we could all describe but but i digress um while it’s not labeled as such and i apologize that is wisconsin data that you see on the graph to my right that is basically since our first cases in the state of wisconsin the new cobit 19 confirmed cases by the date confirmed and then

the blue solid line is the seven day average in our state nationally we know we have just passed the 10 million covet 19 case mark in this country and we know tragically that more than 235 americans have died my home state has one of the worst outbreaks of covid19 infections in the country and we are experiencing the worst phase of this pandemic since it

began for the first time this past saturday wisconsin reported more than 7 000 cases in a single day and yesterday wisconsin added 4360 new infections over 2 000 wisconsinites are currently hospitalized due to cova 19 and that’s an increase of more than 350 just in the past week and again so tragically 2329 wisconsin souls have been lost to this disease hospitals and health care workers do not have the supplies they need we are running out of icu beds and we have completely overwhelmed our state’s health care system in my state the pandemic is getting worse not better and we have

seen a complete and total failure of the president of the united states president trump to provide any sort of leadership that we can count on trump gave up trying repeat that trump simply gave up trying to control this pandemic and wisconsinites are paying the price with their health with their lives and with their livelihoods here in washington with the

senate republicans in charge we have seen no sense of urgency to pass covet 19 relief and no sense that it needs to not just be relief but it needs to address the terrifying scope of this public health and economic crisis as we know the house passed the heroes act six months ago and it’s been sitting on the majority leader’s desk in his legislative graveyard as we call it

well small businesses have been closing millions have lost their jobs and hundreds of thousands of americans have died we must act on bipartisan legislation to provide local communities and the front line health care workers with the support that they need to stop the spread of this deadly virus and we must unify we must unify as a country and in congress to

now provide support to these workers families schools local governments and small businesses this crisis is getting worse in wisconsin and across the country and now is the time for us to start working together in washington as hard as our front line health care workers do so that we can get this deadly pandemic under control build back better and move our economy forward for american families and now we’ll turn it over to chris murphy of connecticut uh thank you very much

leader thank you senator casey senator baldwin you’ve covered the topic very well so i’ll be quick make three brief points uh first i was at a hospital in suburban new york stanford connecticut uh and as i was on the way out having met with their leadership the head of the purchasing department followed me to the door she wanted to have a private word with

me she said i didn’t want to say this in front of everybody else i don’t want to get anybody in trouble but i have no idea how many test kits i’m getting from day to day i have no ability to plan beyond 48 hours to get events set up in the community to make sure that we’re on the front lines of this epidemic i can’t do my job and she can’t do her job because

this administration has completely failed us has botched the response to this pandemic and senate republicans have let the country down as well we need a robust comprehensive package of support that gets money to schools that gets money to counties to cities to states to health care providers to make sure that they have everything they need in order to plan

more than one day at a time and to this day senate republicans still do not take this pandemic seriously they still cower behind president trump afraid to admit that this is a worsening pandemic because they risk the ire of the president united states the second point i know justice roberts said some things at that hearing today that gave people some hope that he may rule to keep the aca in place but he doesn’t have to be on the prevailing side there are five justices on that court three

appointed by the president two that have ruled against the aca in the past who can form a majority to strike down the entirety of the aca the aca is still at risk so long as republican attorney general and the trump administration are pursuing this case in court and they will not give up republicans are not going to give up just because they lose a case or two in the

court system this is their holy grail the dismantling of the aca we are in for a long hard fight and then finally senator schumer referenced the support from senate republicans regarding these bogus lawsuits every day that this transition doesn’t start it’s harder for us to actually correct course in november we will have the right people at hhs we will have the

right people at the cdc we will have the right people leading coronavirus response for the first time in a long time when joe biden assumes the white house but as this transition does not get underway as republicans continue to support the president’s bogus claims of voter fraud it risks the biden administration not having the resources and the transition

period that it needs in order to get an effective anti-coronavirus effort up and running on day one and so i would concur in senator schumer’s remarks that it is time for this transition to begin i just add one more point to what just senator senator murphy was saying these bogus lawsuits that the republicans are supporting the republican case is legally weak

and politically desperate they don’t this is so different than it was in two thousand and yet they can’t come to grips with the fact that president-elect biden has won the election fair and square and now more and more of them seem to be lining up behind these just patently ridiculous lawsuits they’re not going to succeed i believe but they’re certainly delaying any real action and it is a just never ceases to amaze me how afraid just about every republican senator close to every

republican senator is just so afraid of donald trump that they’re willing to tie themselves in legal pretzels to not offend him questions on this subjects on these subjects first yes well on um the transition we saw today uh secretary of state mike pompeo say that there will be a smooth transition between trump’s two terms what’s your reaction to him my

reaction to that is look at reality president secretary pompeo joe biden has won he’s won the election now move on let’s bring this country together and get things done we have a covert crisis raging we don’t have time for these kinds of games

yes kind of transition two-parter the president fired his defense secretary the other day how concerned are you that he could continue firing the few senate confirmed cabinet officials that are left in the remaining days and the second part of it is republican senators have largely said oh the president’s entitled to the team he wants do you anticipate that attitude

will continue when it’s time to start confirming joe biden’s cabinet appointees well let’s hope but we have found for instance on the deficit we have found a 180 degree reversal deficit doesn’t matter when you do tax cuts for the rich deficit matters when you’re trying to help people who desperately need to help in covet relief so it wouldn’t surprise me if they

do 180 degree reversal i hope not for the sake of the country there are so many messages in this election but one of them is bring us together which joe biden uh kept talking about so we can move the country forward let’s hope the republicans start hearing that they haven’t yet as these bogus lawsuits indicate that if you worry about a chris ray or gina haspel or

something yes i worry about you know i worry about the people who have shown some degree of integrity uh being removed i definitely worry about that because that’s what trump does and he’s getting more and more desperate as he realizes the election results go ahead last week’s election you worked very hard with the dscc senate majority back to try to take back the senate you guys could very well be in the minority next year did you personally miscalculate the amount

of effort and time you spent in red states like south carolina in montana where your candidates we spent we spent time in every state and first we are this group we are happy we’ve won the most important election that we face we always said the number one election is of the president and we won and when it comes to uh the senate it’s not over at all georgia is close people forget something there’s this conventional wisdom that democrats don’t win uh runoffs in georgia that’s not

true there were two runoffs in 2018 not much democratic money or effort behind them and each was within four percent so we are working very hard to win georgia and we believe that we have a very good chance of winning go ahead next question you have to start planning and thinking about the next congress given that you you know you believe that uh

biden has won this election so if you guys end up in the minority are you worried that that um the senate gop majority would block some of the progressive proposals like the green new deal you know public sentiment is everything and i can’t talk about a specific provision you mentioned but they’re going to want to see action they’re going to want to see our country move forward in helping people uh with the problems they face covet first but many others as well do you expect

to see a lot of democratic senators going to a biden cabinet i i he has not consulted me on that issue on the aca it’s no surprise that um democrats are not a fan of trump’s appointees the supreme court um if the supreme court does up uh end up upholding the law would that change your opinion no i don’t trust this court at all and as one of my colleagues said they’re going to keep trying they’re so passionate against the aca that they will keep at it and i have very little faith in

this court in terms of being of upholding the aca last one yes sir vice president or president-elect biden and vice president-elect harris are both senate veterans how is that going to make a difference next year i didn’t hear the second person you mentioned but biden and paris yeah it’s going to make a great difference they know how to work with us we

know them we’re comfortable with them i’ve been talking to president-elect biden regularly on a whole gamut of issues and i think the democrats in the senate will have a very close relationship and of course we’re all so proud of kamala harris and uh she again has been in complete touch with us uh on so many different issues he was able to come up here and work with senator mcconnell as you recall have time changed so much that that we’ll see joe biden has said he wants to bring the country together to get some real good things done we agree with that thank you everybod

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