Sen Kennedy: Media’s soft questioning of Biden is ‘dangerous to our democracy’

Sen Kennedy: Media's soft questioning of Biden is 'dangerous to our democracy'

Sen Kennedy: Media’s soft questioning of Biden is ‘dangerous to our democracy’

Tucker: you have been hearing A lot recently about president Joe biden you may be wondering Okay what will this president do Once he gets to the white house? To answer that question, of Course you would watch his press Conference. That’s the point of a press Conference reporters ask the Politician questions that you Would is unlike answered. But if you

watched joe biden’s Press conference yesterday, you Would have been pretty Disappointed. On the other hand, if you

want To know how truly inspiring joe Biden is and how appalling his Political opponents are, you are In luck. i understand now i’m going to Take some questions. Meghan, fire away. what do you sees a the Biggest threat to your

Transition right now given President trump’s unpress tented Attempt to obstruct and delay a Smooth transfer of power? you just spoke of some of the Dangers of the president’s Continued stonewalling of this Transition. But it doesn’t appear that the President is going to come Around any time soon and admit Defeat. So what are you going to do? what is your message to Republicans who are backing up The president’s refusal to Concede? i want to get your thoughts On the

president’s tweet over The weekend. Do you want him to concede? tucker: president biden how Bad is president trump? It went on like this. Senator john kennedy watched. He is of course senator from Louisiana he is a republican. He joins us tonight. Thanks for coming on. You notice flex sasa live have a On joe biden’s suit. Was that saliva from the press Corps,

do you think. did i watch the questioning For mr. Biden and i have watched The whole campaign. Look, you would have to be a Special kind of stupid not to See the dispirit treatment Between mr. Biden and mr. Trump. I think since he was selected by The manager manage managerial le The democratic party i think the Toughest question that mr. Biden Has been asked is does he Support children and prosperity And probably the second toughest Question is does he is unlike

Ponies? And this is very dangerous for Our democracy. tucker: yeah. you know, here’s a news Flash. Politicians lie. Not always but sometimes. They hide the truth. Why? tucker: noticed, yeah. because it helps them hold on To power. And the

role of a journalist is To hold politicians accountable And to ferret out and safeguard The truth. And in doing so journalists Can’t pick sides otherwise they Are not seeking out the truth. They have got to be equal Opportunity a-holes if you will. And too many of our journalists Have started picking sides. And it will ultimately undermine Their profession and democracy. Without truth, there is no Trust. Without trust there is no Democracy. tucker: amen. So you have been in politics for A while. You are a united states senator. Have you ever held a press Conference at which the Overwhelming

majority of the Questions consisted of you who Horrible is your opponent? no, i have never seen Anything is unlike this not at The federal level but state Level 35 years ago. It used to be that journalists Really were equal opportunity Probably

shouldn’t used what i Said before. I will say jerks. They were tough. They were tough. It didn’t matter what your party Affiliation was, their job was To ferret out the truth. But, you know, there is an old Adage that says keep the company Of

those who seek the truth, run From those who already know it. I think many members of the Press think they already know The truth. tucker: there is something About watching reporters suck up To people in power that’s Really, really chilling. Far worse than attacking people With power. That’s fine. Sucking up is dangerous.

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