Sen. Grassley: I have seen the same energy in Iowa that I saw in 2016

Sen. Grassley: I have seen the same energy in Iowa that I saw in 2016

it’s a 50-50 proposition i’ve got a lot of people up 23 republicans only 12 democrats their dog fights all over the country all right mitch mcconnell talking about a dog fight even he’s experienced in his home state of kentucky right now polls are tight there although they’ve loosened up a little bit you’re looking live at newtown pennsylvania the president is going to make four stops in the keystone state today uh he has devoted an incredible amount of time energy effort and campaigning in this state that he shocked the world winning four years ago he hopes for repeat performance right now early indications are that polls are tightening there but you never know with all of this uh as to what happens not only in

that state but in the nation in the national vote and the future of the united states senate chuck grassley joins us right now the senate judiciary committee member uh republican from the beautiful state of iowa senator um very good to have you with us this morning your take on what mitch mcconnell was saying a 50 50 sort of a crapshoot on republicans maintaining control of the senate what do you think of that well i think he’s right but i sure have seen improved chances of winning in iowa joni ernst i republicans have a lot of energy on the ground here in iowa i did six events with joni ernst

yesterday and i’m about to go to another one just because i’m done with this interview we have president trump coming to dubuque tomorrow for a big rally i think that i have seen really of the same energy all albeit unpredictable but it seems to be very similar to what we saw in 2016. you know senator we’ve seen these fights in cases the president says it’s really testing that’s yielding that that uh it’s nothing more than that on that we’re rounding the bend but in a lot of these states including iowa and ohio wisconsin and some of the others those spikes are coming at the worst of times for the president maybe even for you know vulnerable republicans uh and you’re pushed to see that a senate stays republican are you

worried about that the timing of it all well it’s uh it’s a top priority for a lot of people but don’t forget the economy is the top priority uh for uh 56 percent of the people approving of what president trump’s done in that area and i think when it comes to fighting the pandemic from closing down air flights from china way back in january to setting up the warp speed process to get vaccines up and running what he’s done to get more ventilators out to not only in the united states but around the world and he and the ppe stuff and helping small business when the economy shut down with the paycheck

protection program i think he’s shown a lot of ambition to help fight the virus and you know how it’s expanding around the world i would hope people would be realistic to know that this is something that we’re in a fight until we get a vaccine to get it under control not only in the united states but around the world do you um worry when mitch mcconnell says things like you know any sort of stimulus is more likely a 2021 development do you think that’s true that if there is to be stimulus um it’s a 2021 not a sometime this year event well of course of course senator mcconnell runs the united states senate and i think he’ll be running it with a majority after january 1st but in the meantime uh if i think trump’s going to

be re-elected and if it’s if he’s re-elected i think we’d rather get this stuff out of the way before the new congress takes over and uh but uh mcconnell makes that decision but i i would be an advocate for doing it in november or december um senator joe biden indirectly took a swipe at you by talking about the president’s inability to to reconcile the house and the senate on this that it wasn’t a nancy pelosi problem it was originated with a donald trump problem and a failure to get the house and the senate together on this this is what he said exactly i want you to react to it joe biden earlier this week but

even senator grassley would have to acknowledge that i don’t ever remember any president in a crisis where there’s a disagreement in the house and the senate between democrats and republicans didn’t even try to bring them together to deal with this well of course the two stage well he and i got along all right when he’s the member of the senate and we’d still be getting along all right if he hadn’t sold out to the senator sanders and the progressives and the aoc’s and all those

but he can express what he wants to but don’t forget that Democrats repeatedly blocked our efforts on the floor that we couldn’t even get seven democrats to go along with us to bring up a bill that maybe they didn’t like but a bill that if they’d let us get up for discussion they could amend it and by amendment, they could get all of their priorities up but they didn’t even want to discuss it the last week of July the first week of September and twice during October they stopped us from getting a stimulus filled all right so the bike better talk to his own people all right senator Grassley thank you very very much

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