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Selena Gomez Spotted On DATE With NBA Star

Selena Gomez Spotted On DATE With NBA Star

things seem to be heating up between Selena Gomez and NBA star Jimmy Butler after the two were allegedly spotted enjoying dinner together in New York City. 2020 is officially winding down, but it might be ending on a high note for Selena Gomez who has recently been on fans’ radars after being spotted at dinner with Miami Heat basketball player Jimmy Butler, according to the Miami Herald. Sel and Jimmy have yet to publicly confirm or address any of the speculation surrounding their

dinner date, but a source confirmed to E! News that the two have hung out “a few times”; however, Selena is “keeping her options open but

has been on a few dates with Jimmy and thinks he’s a great guy.” The insider went on to say QUOTE, “They hung out a few times while Selena was in New York City. Jimmy asked her to go to dinner and they had a great time.” Things are reportedly “very casual” and although

the source revealed that Sel is “currently single”, she’s been much more “open to dating.” Although Selena’s friends have reportedly been wanting to set her up all the time, she’s “loved being single,” as she’s been very cautious about dating in 2020. As many fans know, Selena has

been very open about her health struggles with lupus, and due to the ongoing pandemic, she’s prioritized her health, rather than jumping into a relationship. The source added, QUOTE “Selena has been very careful with her health this year and has barely left her quarantine

bubble. She’s been extremely busy working from home on her new beauty line and is very proud to have launched that during a pandemic. She’s been enjoying cooking at home and only seeing a select few friends and family members regulary.” Hollywood’s go-to Instagram

account for gossip, Deuxmoi, also shared a screenshot of an anonymous user sending in some tips about Selena and Jimmy’s dinner date that

claimed that they overheard the staff scrambling to accommodate her and a crew of basketball players last month at French bistro Lucien in Manhattan’s East Village. The tip went on to say QUOTE, “100% sure they were together. Obvi I can’t speak to if it was actually a DATE. But

they were there together.” It’s been three years since Selena has openly shared her relationship with the public, as she and The Weeknd dated for about 10 months and reportedly split due to their hectic work schedules. But earlier this year in January, Selena opened up to Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 about dating in Hollywood saying QUOTE, “If I can be honest, it is so cliché, it’s just, everyone dates everyone.” She

added, “It always seems to be within a little bubble, and it’s because it’s safe, right? You’re wanting someone to understand what you’re going through. You’re almost wanting a counterpart of creativity as well, and it’s interesting and fun.” But she explained that at times, she finds

herself “having a relationship for other people” and “not just for herself”. “There’s almost this point where it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re making it known that we’re together.’ Or whatever it is. You just need to decide, within our world, if it’s for you or is it for show.” She even explained to

NikkieTutorials earlier this year that after releasing her album Rare, that even when releasing songs like “Boyfriend,” where she says she wants to be in a relationship, QUOTE “I’m like, ‘I didn’t really mean it though.’ Guys are a lot of work.” It’s pretty clear Selena won’t be dating just anyone, so whether the news about her and Jimmy is true or not, he must be pretty special to be able to spend time with her

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