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Selena Gomez Fans FEAR For Her Health After IG Live

Selena Gomez Fans FEAR For Her Health After IG Live

Selena Gomez has fans deeply concerned about her health after many noticed an IV in her arm during a recent Instagram Live. Over the past few weeks, Selena Gomez has really been doing her part in bringing awareness to fans surrounding the presidential election, as she recently hopped on multiple live streams with Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, Stacey Abrams and Timothee Chalamet as he stood in line to vote. But it was during last week’s

livestream with Timothee when Selena sent fans into a panic after many noticed that she was hooked up to an IV that was attached to her left arm. This was especially alarming considering many fans are aware of Selena’s past medical history as she received a kidney transplant from her friend and actress Francia Raisa back in 2017, due to complications from lupus. Over the past week, Sel hadn’t addressed the reason for wearing an IV, as thousands of concerned reactions from fans

who tuned into the livestream came flooding in. One user who shared screenshots of the IV that became noticeable in a few different frames throughout the 10-minute video wrote, “Praying for Selena’s health and I really hope she’s doing well. I can’t imagine what it is like to live with such a terrible autoimmune disease. Sending you so much love and hugs.”

Another fan tweeted, “Love you, I’m kinda worried for you. I just saw the IV inserted in your arm. I know lupus is a hard battle for you. I adore you & hope you feel better soon you poor angel.” But after days with no answers, good news, Selenators!! We can all rest easy as TMZ reported yesterday that, according to sources close to Selena, the IV was nothing but a vitamin drip. According to the outlet, Selena quote “gets the IV drips regularly and they have nothing to do with her

lupus or other health issues.” Sources went on to say that as for why she chose to do the vitamin drip in the middle of a livestream, QUOTE, “It was just a timing thing, and Selena didn’t care to hide it.” The fact that Selena chose not to hide the IV drip doesn’t come as much of a surprise as she’s been open about her struggles with her mental and physical health

in the past. During her chat with Kamala Harris, Selena further opened up about her mental health journey, and admitted that after reading and researching, she can’t stop thinking about quote “how deep that this country is being affected mentally.” She added QUOTE, “I’ve had so many dreams about, you know, creating places that people could go to. I think there’s a part of me that wishes we had some sort of place that felt like, okay, maybe you just need to get help.”

This led Kamala to open up about her sister’s Lupus diagnosis and how it’s affected their family, however, she was optimistic about tackling the mental health crisis in the near future with Selena’s help. At the end of their discussion, Kamala even told Selena QUOTE, “I look forward to working with you on the other side of this on the mental health issues in particular. Thank you so much.” Selena and Kamala’s discussion was met with massive amounts of praise from

fans who continue to look up to Selena and commend her for being so open and relatable about her struggles. As for now, we’re just happy to hear that Selena is in good health and is ready to fight for the future of her country for the betterment of the people.

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