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Scuf’s New PS5 Controllers Have Cool Features, Large Price Tags

Scuff’s New PS5 Controllers Have Cool Features, Large Price Tags

After the release of Destiny 2, I realized there were a lot of people that were unaware of the process that went into bringing the Gjallarhorn back to the game. I had been working on it since the month prior to the expansion’s launch, and there were a lot of interesting challenges to overcome.

I also thought it would be interesting to see how a weapon can go from concept to completion, so I showed a version of the process in a video that I released on YouTube, and I thought it would be worth writing about as well. This blog post is the result.

In the second episode of IGN’s Fireteam Chat, Destiny 2 Game Director Luke Smith and Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy join IGN’s Fran Mirabella and Alyssa Menes to discuss changes to the Destiny 2 sandbox.

The team also talks about how the community’s feedback has helped shape the game. Plus, don’t miss the reveal of Destiny 2’s new exotic Sniper Rifle, Gjallarhorn, on the show.

The first time I played Destiny, I was immediately hooked. The art, the weapons, the story, the loot. It was all so good. The game was so fun, and my friends and I played it together.

I had so many adventures with them, and it was an experience I will never forget. We played the game together, and we leveled up our characters together. We had a lot of fun.

But at the time, I never thought I would be part of the game, right? I just assumed it was all part of the game, but it turns out that it was real, and it was all thanks to a huge community that created something special. I made friends, and I had fun. I was a part of the game, and it was all because of the passion of the community.

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