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Sarah Harding longed to become a mother before death

Sarah Harding longed to become a mother before death

Sarah Harding was eager to become a mother before she died.

Sarah Harding never thought she would outlive her husband so young, especially when he had been such a healthy man. She just wanted to have his children and see him grow old with their family around them before death came for him in the night like it unexpectedly did.

Sarah Harding hoped that becoming a mother wouldn’t be too far into the future once her husband was gone because time seemed unfair sometimes but life continued on without waiting for anyone or anything else while people waited silently inside of graves until final judgement day arrived one dark morning at dawn’s break after everyone you loved disappeared from this world forevermore leaving behind nothing more than fleeting memories echoing through your head every now again about what could’ve happened if they were still alive today instead of dead long ago

sara harding biography

Sara Harding is an award-winning author, freelance journalist and editor. She currently lives in the UK where she has taught English literature for over twenty years at secondary school level to students aged 11–18.
She also writes fiction under two pseudonyms: Rose Gordon (contemporary women’s fiction) and Rosanna Maitland (crime thrillers). Her debut novel “The Rapist Next Door” was published by Avon/HarperCollins in January 2014; it sold out four print runs within six months of publication which meant that her second book “Death on the Marais”, a historical murder mystery set during World War Two Paris, went straight into reprint before its release date! Book three will be released this year with more books planned every

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