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Russell Wilson Spends More Than $1M A Year On Recovery

Russell Wilson Spends More Than $1M A Year On Recovery

russell wilson is prioritizing his health and he’s not afraid to spend some serious cash to do so during a conversation on the bill Simmons podcast last month the seattle seahawks quarterback opened up about how he takes care of his body football is a physically demanding sport requiring players to adopt intense recovery techniques to avoid injuries russell revealed to bill that he goes all out in this department and pays a pretty penny for it yeah i mean i i probably spent a

million if not more a year just on recovery russ also shouted out all of the people behind the scenes that help him stay in tip-top shape from his and wife sierra’s full-time trainer to his full-time physical therapist i have a full-time you know mobile person and it’s working on me is making sure that i’m you know moving you know the right way and everything

else i have a um i have a full-time massage person you know we have two chefs so we have a whole performance team bill was floored by all russell had going on which reminded him of another athlete who invests a ton in his recovery in the reality he sounds like lebron you you have full lebron on us oh yeah i’ve been doing it for five years or so six years now

give the hyperbaric chamber i got the hype i got everything i got i got all the toys i got that i got the hyperbaric i got two hyperbaric chambers russell said that he works on his body 365 days a year sometimes taking a breather on thanksgiving and christmas and all that work is to make sure he stays in the game for as long as he can i’m trying to play until i’m 45 at least you know and yeah for me my mentality is is that i’m gonna leave it all in the field and do everything i can to take

care of myself as russell continues to work hard to sustain himself in the nfl he has his biggest fans sierra and their kids cheering him on the level up singer and her son future daughter sienna and baby win all showed off their seahawks pride from home on the first game day of the season it was wynn’s first time watching his dad play and he dressed up for the

occasion and the next week he matched his siblings in football pjs the little guy already fits right in with his older brother and sister and sierra recently told access hollywood about their bond with wynn all they wanted is love on him like he’s like the sweetest thing to them there’s not one day where they’re like he’s getting all this love and you know they don’t feel like there’s like a little brother and sister jealousy none of that stuff with him like they’re super excited about him and all

they want to do is hold them and sienna thought he was like a baby doll in the big thing i had to show her early on that you can’t hold can’t do him like a baby doll uh because we all know how that goes um because baby dolls get slung around all kind of ways but um you know they’re in love we’re we’re all like having the time of our life right now and so it’s been a

blessing how was the delivery oh it was amazing actually um really smooth um really quiet you know the hospital isn’t as busy i had to deliver when with the mask on which was really surreal and like another thing that really marked and even put my hospital my um my ultrasound business i had to also have a math so that’s been the whole part like the story of

my life um during covet but it was still very special you know i think the the sweetest thing of all is that um you know we were blessed with a healthy delivery with our son um and so that was the best and i have to say i my husband was pretty darn awesome because um during all of it he was like everything in one you know he was a cameraman making sure we had the camera set up right so we can get the angle when the baby comes out and he actually helped paul went out

towards the end which was really sweet so he got some memorable moments um you know and he had chest of chests with him and it was very intimate and you know really really full of love more than anything so um i’m grateful for that oh i was thinking i love russell on the playing field i was imagining he’d be great in the delivery room but this sounds like he

exceeded every expectation again he cracks me up because he’ll he’ll say he’ll he’s like i’ll be calling plays green lady sad hut like with the babies coming i’m like big seriously you know some people crack jokes about that prior to delivery uh but he was awesome

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