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Roman Reigns dominert WWE Raw

Roman Reigns dominert WWE Raw

Roman Reigns has been dominating WWE Raw ever since he debuted as the newest member of The Shield, and it looks like his popularity is only going to increase.
In recent weeks many viewers have grown tired with their champion’s long matches that often extend past an hour into two or three different broadcasts before they can be finished! However this week Roman defeated Braun Strowman in just 27 minutes (including time for promo) which means fans who were turned off by these drawn out encounters may want return due t…
No surprise here: As expected “The Big Dog” lives up yet again another impressive feat after destroying Owens live last night on Monday Night RAW.”

Roman Reigns has been dominating WWE Raw since he started with the company, and it’s only a matter of time before he takes over as champion.
He does this by putting on great matches that get intense reactions from fans everywhere! One thing people who love him say about Roman is how humble or just happy-go-lucky they think of his personality even when others might not believe so in order for someone like them could succeed like possible at such an incredible job where there are millions waiting anxiously every week wondering if today will bring good news or bad tidings

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