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Rollback netcode to be implemented in 2022!

Rollback netcode to be implemented in 2022!

Rollback Netcode, the greatest innovation in gaming since the start of the MMORPG! As a gamer, you’re probably familiar with frequent instances of lag, or high latency (ping) in online games. Rollback Netcode offers a new solution to this by automatically rolling back your character to the last-known state of the world before any actions are executed on the server. This means if you suddenly encounter a lag spike, the lag is mitigated because your character hasn’t committed any of those actions; they are rolled back.

Rollback netcode is a technology that is used in gaming industry to save players from disadvantages. A rollback netcode saves players for 30 seconds after a loss. It means, if you lost a match or killed by an enemy player, you can rewind back to 30 seconds before the action happened.

This way, the player can try to get out the problem and get back to the game. Rollback netcodes come in different levels of applicability. For example, Level 1, 2 or 3. Level 1 is highly recommended for all gamers as it has on screen movement, better tracking and takes all data/frames in consideration. A Level 1 rollback netcode is best in terms of technical issues, so it is highly recommended. Level 3 is a bit expensive, but if you look at the functioning, it is similar to the level 1.

Rollback Netcode was a big issue of Internet Gaming. It used to make Online multiplayer games virtually unplayable at times, as the lag due to rollback would cause incredible amounts of input delay, to the point where you felt like you weren’t even playing the same game as other players, even if you were in the exact same spot as them.

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