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Rep McCarthy reacts to latest election news

Rep McCarthy reacts to latest election news

Double digits victories nancy Pelosi the speaker of the house Claimed that she was not only Winning the majority she was Having two elections. This November that it would be such A large victory she would Guarantee the majority. For the Next election as well. They Were all wrong. Not one Republican incumbent lost. Republicans one from miami to New

york to minnesota. To California. The only seat the Democrats one was an open seat And then they claim to have won A redistricting in north Carolina republicans didn’t Even run. I heard the speaker Called a mandate. It was a Mandate against socialist. It Was a mandate against defending The police it was a mandate Against wasting a majority but The

democrats have done for the Last congress. Well the Democrats praise socialism and Advocated to fund the police Are members made a commitment To america. But they would Restore way of life rebuild our Economy and renew the american Dream. We are eager and ready To show up to work. Unlike the Democrats yesterday chairperson Lofgren

signed. She signaled That the democrats have Infrastructure in place to Ensure democrats can continue To get paid for not showing up To work. Something americans Across this country don’t have The privilege to do. Millions Of americans have already Returned to work and millions More want to return. If they’re Willing to show up in person so Can we- it

can be done in a Safe manner to minimize the Risk for members for staff Employees and for you the press. Just as we did with the proxy Voting scheme house republicans Will stand up and defend the Constitution. Even if it gets In the way the democrats both Vacations and road trips to Rocket launchers. We believe Congress is essential we Believe you just spent

some Millions of dollars saying You’ll be the voice. For all The you in your district. You Should show up and be that Voice just like in may when i Put myself in tom cole and Rodney davis gave a planned to Open up the house safely with Testing. With the speaker Denied. The billing to have Rooms separated. A distance so We could have hearings in a Safe manner.

Even to this day The speaker has no plan of how To have the house safely open Up. Our success is already Threatening democrats instead Of planning to work with those They are already plotting ways To silence the minority party’s Voice in congress. As many you Know they want to change the Rules to the motion to Recommit. The ntr’s many of you Know it. Is

the only way. The Legislative body allows a Minority just to have one Amendment. To a bill. The only Way the minority party can use The influence to improve Legislation. And service their Constituents voice in dc. We Won’t let them silence us this Election cycle has wide one Thing clear. The republican Party is now the party of the American worker. That is the

Actual mandate that we had from Voters. We’re going to fight Them pushed back against Democrats radical policies and Will continue to put america First. With that let’s open up For questions. Yes sir with Regard to action. Nancy pelosi Gets and if writer i believe Would have said physically That. That that. With all these With all these lawsuits that All the tune is

just- Jeopardizing. Democracy of America. Not yeah you got a Hand recount going into. Every Recount needs to be finished. We got challenges inside courts. Every challenge needs to be Heard. Regardless of who you Support in this

election. The End of the day we want america To be united regardless of how The outcome is you want to be Able to trust the election. If There was something. That was Wrong in the selection we do Not want to repeat it for the Future i. Just as

we watch the Racing two thousand. It carried Out more than thirty seven days Because there are court cases They were. I thank when you Have more than a hundred and Fifty million americans voting. Let’s make sure we get this Right. Yes texas is a concern- Democrats had weakened hoax on Their own about ten seats i Think on the can republicans Now

saying that texas is red Going forward for the next Cycle. I think every place is Going to be competitive in the Future of this country is very Divided with watching all these Races but the democrat said They’re gonna flip texas. The Cook report actually had it as A tossup i think at the end They believe they’re going to Win all these open seats they Believe they’re

going to feel Incompetent not only in texas They did not defeat one Republican. Incumbent who ran For reelection. The open seats Only one one. On the large Number of all the open seats in Texas no they didn’t defeat one Down and we’ll just

like in Every other state on this when We’re gonna have some amazing Women. Best van dyne was going To add to the delegation of Texas and to the republican Party. Yes women. Okay melvoin Aggregated how concerned are You about the marjorie taylor Green learned over to have Talked about it the forty Fueling gone pass creating Controversy created

controversy For your for your conference Margie taylor walked around to The press they have you this Question. Note that might if You want around with a bible Looking for. That to be and Fainted needed to swear on the Bible not around. Like how you How are you going to deal. Left Our party is very to. You Mentioned to who are going to Joe our and both of

them that Denounce cuba. So the only Thing i would ask of you. In a Press. These are new members Give them an opportunity before You claim what do you believe They have done and what they Will do. I think it’s fair for All. Yes do you. Feel that any Of the legal efforts for the Recounts will change the Results in any single state for Whatever turn anything related To the overall election. Raposa The head on the races i thought When i looked i follow data Numbers i

thought early on that Arizona based upon the number Of votes that were left out. Could switch back- to president Trump don’t know if that’s Going to be the case i see Things narrow. That never gonna Give example i guess more on a Micro level because it’s very Difficult i have my own race. In my county we have two Congressional seats. They tell Me there’s

approximately a Hundred and fifty thousand and Sixteen votes left these number Sixteen. At approximately. But They

can’t tell me in which District they are. I just Watched a race new jersey that The ap called and probably Called way too soon. Tom kean It’s coming back up because in The manner of what we’ve had This election is different than Others okay. A lot of black Vote mail some states are done For others have not some mail To everybody so when they Counted some

counted certain Votes coming in and it be Disproportionate democrats more Likely voted. And the absentee Portion and

republicans Overwhelmingly voted on Election day so each each area Doesn’t count in the same so in This case in new jersey they Counted the votes based upon When they came in should look Like a member had a really high Margin. They

call the vote now We’re seeing it just track down To the new ones that are Counting. Tomkins one by 63% so You’re answer to your question Is one could. It it’s best Because everybody took the time To go vote. Less wait till we Have all the information They’ve got a recount by hand In george. That’s going to take Some time that’s a close race. We are close race

in the last Presidential. Let’s let all the Kerry out and yeah some of them Could switch. Yes you had a Record number of women. To the Conference obviously still Practice can of what the Democrats have terms about Unity even give a second. Guy I’m sorry what’s your- can. Three diverse in the public Sector with a plan i to you to Your ago. But i believe the

Republic party is much more Diverse than what reflects on The floor. And i think this Election proved. I think when You look at who ran who Represented the party and where Their representatives from. When you look at the results of The elca. It’s only in this Room would we get a new record For the number of women. More Diverse it only makes us Stronger

that’s what makes America strong we’re reflective Upon that think about where we One. We want to see in miami. Maria salazar carlos jimenez. Maria defeated a congresswoman Who was the former secretary of Health and human service.

Who Called herself a pragmatic Socialist when i listen to the Democratic caucus on twitter. They’re all burning up or not Social they literally claim to Be and they lost over we Defeated the sitting chairman Of the committee. Been here More

than thirty years. The d. Triple c. Own chair how to put A million dollars into her own Race in the last week and it Was question on election night Whether she was going to win. One day. You should at least Let us have what took place That night. It was an Unbelievable night for Republicans in congress. Something that we told you About two years ago that we

Would be more diverse exactly The way we look at it will cost The party those people had to Run. They put their name on the Line not only if you take us From two years ago only forty Four women. One the primary This time ninety four. More Women ran as republicans in any Time in the history of the Republican party before the Record was a hundred forty

Three two hundred and twenty Five round this time. So we’re Doing fabulous and we’re going To continue it and what’s going To happen with the success of The women the success of the Diverse city. It’s going to Empower others to see you can Do it i can do it too maybe I’ve been quiet about my Beliefs of this party but i Know this party has a place for Me. So

they’re going to join. Yes sir. I mean. Talk about a Little bit. Part of questions What do you want to covid Relief in the coming months. Because presumably alive. Some Of us say mcconnell says he Wants a targeted small package Carriers were you come out. In The next congress you’re gonna Have a pretty powerful minority And curious how you. Think

About that and in two thousand And nine when you were in the Minority. Youth you guys and- Didn’t participate blocked with A bomb but you argue even Participate with you. Let’s not Have that conversation i’m just Curious about your orientation Going into next. Congress if. You finds the president which Seems. It seems obvious to most People. The first thing i want To have happen. I want politics The in on the cove. They you Know i’ve been all the- with The leaders. I’ve

never watched One leader play politics more Than anything else the nancy Pelosi. She played politics From the very first time we did The cares act you watched or Delayed week. You watched her And i’ve watched her time to Get inside the meetings. She Had one mission and one mission Only she was willing to Sacrifice our own members Remember what she

said prior to Departure when we talk about Covid. And the problem solvers Had. Had put a bit planned. What she called the problem Solvers there are relevant. She Knew she her own members are Going to lose but her whole Focus for total

vision was it Didn’t matter what the issue Is. But if i can make president Trump weaker foreign election I’m going to do it. And what She did in that instances she Sacrificed our economy. And People who were hurt. The Election is now over i think It’s very clear. That you Should enter politics about. We Should be able to get into the Room we’ve got money sitting There what if the republicans Do we put on the four thirty Seven times. To be able to vote For money for cover for ppp.

There is more than a hundred And thirty seven billion Dollars sitting there it’s only The date why you can’t keep Going out. She dispersed Congress because she was afraid I was going to a motion to Recommit she changed how we Voted to the floor. Our Continuing resolution. Simply Because she was afraid people Would got. Resources and help. So the

number one thing that Has to happen the only thing That’s standing in the way in My view. The speaker pelosi one Of. Yes yes and you know what We have more information today. We’ve got more than a hundred Billion dollars sitting there For state’s this is money Already appropriated. Why is it Being held up. People need some Relief and we can provide that Money would be because of small Businesses it doesn’t go to the Owners ago so the appointees The pays the rent. It’s

every Small city we know the person Who who had a dream and took a Risk and let them stay around. That’s all that has to get up There working on the other side And thinking about the next Congress. I put a lot of Thought into it. I’m first Going to wait to see who holds Up to become speaker. His you Know i’ve been to those battles Are not easy. It takes two

Hundred eighteen on the floor. There are fifteen democrats who Voted against the speakership Nancy pelosi last time ten of Those fifteen democrats will be Back. If ten democrats vote Again against **** pelosi she Will not be speaker. You see The numbers are different. It Is the smallest democrat Majority. Since world war two. Remember reporting i’m seeing Off

i’m just reading twitter From there conference chair to Congresswoman aoc it doesn’t Seem to getting along very well. They’re fighting on the Fundamental of who they are. For what they champion what They lost over. And they have The

exact same leadership team But they lost last time with. I Don’t know in history has there Ever been a leadership team to Lose the majority twice. What They lack the same. Will know For sure whether that will be In history. I always avoided

Glad. Yeah five james lankford Trump grassley both say that Your body to access briefings. Transaction. One seven accent To classified and we can. Only Go i know you’re coming i want To make sure the job said you Know i’m part again of eight i Do trust intel. I wanna make Sure i continue to trust joe Biden said in regards to this Book access to classified

Information is useful but i’m Not in a position to make any Decisions on those issues Anyway. So as i said. One President at a time. He will be President until january Twentieth. Would be nice to Have it but it’s not critical. I think i can establish joe Biden i trust the intel Community. Is not president Right now don’t know if you’ll Be president january twentieth But weber is will get the Information thank you all very Much look forward to spending Time with the right. Called.

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