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Rep Kevin McCarthy speaks to press after Election Day

Rep Kevin McCarthy speaks to press after Election Day

Americans voted for president trump this year than historic twenty sixteen when in fact it looks like we’ll have we’ll have more votes than obama had in two thousand and eight. There’s a simple reason for this. President trump has led our country to historic success. Even in the face of unprecedented challenges his administration has prevailed and delivered results for the american people. That is why our country needs president trump for four more years and will

continue to fight for his reelection. Until all the votes legally cast are counted. This election has seen record voter turnout that america has not seen in a century in american people must be assured that it is both fair and transparent. That president trump monumental help as- expanded the house republican coalition. From miami to minnesota to california. From every single pond even from the cook report that upping the number of losses they said the republicans would have

up to twenty just this week or if you listen to speaker pelosi are sherry boost does who runs the d. Triple c. Or the majority leader steny hoyer they all said it was double digits spending even up to fifteen this week alone. That they would with. They were all wrong cheri bustos is still barely holding on to her own seat. So here are the facts. There are conference could incredibly be proud of. As of right now. We have seven gop pickups. We also have eleven outstanding

races that i feel very confident. They will continue to grow and went. Will likely have an additional fourteen to nineteen republican women. This will break the record for the most republican women coming in at any one time will double the number will set a record for the most women ever in the republican party. Well likely be adding sixty nine minority store conference. From florida to new mexico to texas. To oklahoma to california. I’m also proud of our candidates in our

members and especially want to thank our nrcc chair tom member not only did he win all those special elections that he played in throughout the year remember before we went into the election last night. By the time of being sworn in last we had more republicans and fewer democrats and we just continue to add to it. I’ve heard for months for the posters in the media about how republicans we’re going to lose more seats and claim to shrinking coalitions. Weeks expanded this

party. That reflects america that looks like america. And thanks. I thank the rejection that we saw last night from the democrats. Was that america does not want to be a socialist nation. I think the other rejection that we saw we watch the democrats promised they would be given the power to have the majority that they would act different. That they would solve problems they wasted their majority. So we look forward to continuing to work for the american public. Our

commitment to america. That we will renew rebuild and restore this nation is what our commitment is and will be. I don’t know what the end of the day what will happen in the democratic conference i don’t know at the end of the day i know the vote on the floor is difficult for speaker. I know there was a number of people who did not vote for her last time and as

our numbers continue to grow. I think at the end of the day no matter where we end up. It will be able to have a very big say or even run the floor. When it comes to policy but that let me open up for questions yes ma’am. Have you spoken to the president- how would be feeling have you had any actual doctor brother president feels good- i think when you look at

a lot of these one thing i will say last night i have no statistical data of others. I think a lot of the- networks probably called arizona too soon when i’m looking at what the data is coming back. I would put arizona back in the column of undecided right now. I think he looks very good in pennsylvania michigan i thank you we can watch is going to come very close but i

think the president has an opportunity- to win that i think at the end of the day the president be elected for four more years. Yes last month were still being counted president senate- this is a fraud on the american public this is an embarrassment. To our country and the presence of reselling down. Integrity of our elections. Your questions never change. Now i know you’re questions never change last night micah now i give you my answer three five number

questions never change. I think that what the president wants to see is that every legal vote gets counted and that’s what we’re walking through right now. So we should stop holding both the main lot of races house raises are still counting votes even the presence of the stop cutting votes you one hundred k. Before. The deadline again your questions never change so let me go through what the president said in what the president meant in the question. But the president wants

to make sure is that every legal vote is counted. The people vote up until election day not the days after as others would have. That’s what the president first to i don’t think people should be able to vote today and i’m thinking every other american to fill. That exact same way. That’s exactly what the it was express. I know you wanted to express something to

it i know you’ll be upset if the president wins real. Again but the american people a voice. And all the posters were wrong. Just they were wrong for years ago. This is what a republican a democracy is about. We want to make sure it’s legal it’s fair and that every legal vote is counted. And that’s what we’re working towards. But i don’t think people should vote. After the election. Of that action yes. Yes ma’am will you accept the election results one fair certified from the remaining

states that we don’t have yeah yes. Yes rep. That he’s come that their are going to take over the house are you talking about well i’m very confident we continue to grow our majority of much different than what every pundit had said that we would lose an average of fifteen to twenty seats we know that’s not true we know that we continue to go already seven

seats with another eleven that we’re winning right now so we’ll see our majority continue to grow. We’ll see where this all ends up but we think the american public for their participation we thank them for participating in this campaign and now it’s a time to govern as we finish out making sure every legal vote is counted at that- campaign it’s fair the election will be shown by all Americans thank you very much and God bless.

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