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Recreational cannabis industry sparks struggle for water rights in parched New Mexico

Recreational cannabis industry sparks struggle for water rights in parched New Mexico

The recreational cannabis industry in New Mexico is sparking a struggle for water rights, as businesses and individuals seek to ensure their access to the increasingly scarce resource.

The legalization of recreational marijuana has sparked an intense competition over limited water resources in parched northern New Mexico. Businesses are looking into methods such as rainwater collection or recycling used irrigation waters so that they can continue farming weed at the same time ensuring long term supply even if there is no precipitation this year. Meanwhile residents have been told by local government agencies not irrigate outside between 10am – 4pm because it would be wasteful when other people needed more than ever before during drought conditions

In a parched New Mexico, the recreational cannabis industry is sparking a struggle for water rights.

In order to keep up with increasing demand from marijuana growers in this southwestern U.S state (New Mexico), local authorities and residents alike face challenges regarding how best to allocate scarce resources like water during drought-stricken times of year when there may not be enough available. Many people see opportunity in an emerging market that could produce $6 billion annually by 2020 while others believe legalizing pot has been detrimental due its environmental effects such as diverting rivers and streams which can affect aquatic life downstream according to Reuters news agency sources who cite studies done on behalf of advocacy group Environment America Research & Policy Center based out Washington D C .

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