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Reba McEntire Reveals Rex Linn Relationship Details

Reba McEntire Reveals Rex Linn Relationship Details

reba uh we are giving you and your boyfriend rex our favorite new couple okay we’re giving you the title oh thank you there’s no award or anything that i can hand you but I’m going to I think it’s so great you have cute nicknames for each other i just want to know how did those come about we went out to dinner and after dinner, we went to a wine bar and

they had appetizers and they said it’s tater tots and i said oh i’d like a tater tot and so rex started calling me tater tot since ever since and my little sister called him sugar top one time so that’s where the tots sugar and tater call it years in the making reba and rex have actually known each other for a while first meeting on the set of the tv movie the gambler

returns we kept in contact with each other we know the same people in the rodeo world he’s from originally from texas and then oklahoma and i’m from oklahoma and in the pretty much the same business of tv television movies and then we got back together in january of this year because i was doing young sheldon he plays the principal on young sheldon reba

is returning for the fifth time as host of the cma awards tomorrow while this is the first time around for darius what are we going to see from the two of you what’s the energy going to be like we’re going to have a blast darius and i are really looking forward to the show we’ve got some great songs people are singing great entertainers uh it’s gonna be different

but it’s going to be differently fun darius i was reading you are the first black artist to emcee the ceremony in 45 years only the second in the show’s 53-year history how does it feel to take on that stage knowing that that is something that continues to break the barriers i mean it feels it was amazing just to be asked and then when i really realized i was going

to do it knowing what that meant is amazing you know and for me as an artist this was one of those things i couldn’t even dream of and here i am getting to do it

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