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Rakhi Sawant became emotional when she was considered a ‘bad character’

Rakhi Sawant became emotional when she was considered a ‘bad character’

Bollywood scandal queen Rakhi Sawant is often in the news for her controversial and outspoken statements.

Rakhi Sawant, a participant in season 14 of India’s popular reality show Bigg Boss, said that women in her family were very strict and did not have the slightest freedom.

Describing her childhood, Rakhi Sawant said that when she was young, she was not even allowed to go to the balcony and the older women of the house were also forbidden to make eyebrows and wax them. I don’t know how they were men.

Rakhi revealed that he had once been severely beaten by his uncle, who had received several stitches.

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant also got emotional when she was considered a bad character. She said that being a Bollywood dancer, she was not considered a good character and she had many relationships but when she found out that I am a dancer, They would forbid.

Rakhi Sawant said that just because of working in the film industry, people think that a person does not have a good character, is it wrong to be a part of Bollywood or be a dancer?

It should be noted that Rakhi was married to a British-based businessman Ratish in July last year.

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