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PUBG: Battlegrounds is Going Free to Play

PUBG: Battlegrounds is Going Free to Play

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds will soon be free to play, creator Brendan Greene announced during a press conference before the PUBG Global Invitational. PUBG Corp. plans to continue development of the game with a focus on quality and performance, and will be adding a new map in September, with more content to come. In addition, PUBG Corp. will be adding a new combat mode and a new vehicle, called the Rony Pickup Truck.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is going free to play. The game’s developer Bluehole has announced that the game will move from early access to a fully fledged, free-to-play release on PC later this year and will also be released for Xbox One in “late 2017”. “The move to free-to-play does not mean that we will be providing any sort of non-sense, pay-to-win option,” said Bluehole VP and executive producer PUBG Chang Han Kim.

“We will not be providing any items or privileges that will give players a competitive edge. We are in fact just the opposite – we will be providing options for players to customize their visual look, performance, etc. We believe that being able to provide different options to suit different types of players is an essential part of building a healthy online game ecosystem.”

PUBG, the popular battle royale shooter, has announced that it will become free-to-play for Xbox One players. The game was initially released as a paid Early Access title on Xbox One, but that will change in December. In an open letter from PUBG Corp. CEO Chang Han Kim, the free-to-play version will be available on December 12.

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