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PTV chairman Naeem Bukhari retracted his statement

PTV chairman Naeem Bukhari retracted his statement

ISLAMABAD: Naeem Bukhari, the new chairman of PTV, has taken umbrage at his statement not to invite the opposition in PTV programs and said that the issue of not inviting the opposition was mocked.

Naeem Bukhari, the new chairman of PTV, was bombarded with questions by the members of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting.

Committee member Nafisa Shah asked, “Will you only give a chance to government members on state TV? Will you also give an opportunity to the opposition to present their position on PTV?”

On this, Naeem Bukhari said that the issue of not calling the opposition had come out of the mouth in jest, the opposition will be given an opportunity to take a stand on PTV.

Naeem Bukhari said that if they talk then it is complained that I speak harshly, you are all politicians, you can see for yourself that only politics is being shown on all private news channels from 7 pm to 11 pm. The same face is seen on all channels, what is new for the public?

He said that PTV is the channel of the state so change the PTV programs, new programming will be seen on PTV from next month, for which the system will be passed on to the new generation.

Naeem Bukhari said that he has been the honorary chairman for 6 months to bring PTV back on track, he is not taking any salary or any concessions while the heavily paid staff of PTV has also been removed immediately. D is taking more than Rs 21 lakh salary has been suspended, now no anchor in PTV will be paid more than Rs 3 lakh salary, recruitment on recommendation has been stopped, anything is wrong in PTV , They are responsible.

He said that there are people with dual citizenship in PTV, they are investigating in the institution, if the fraud is proved, they will apply to FIA or NAB themselves.

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