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Protests erupt overnight despite no final call on presidential race

Protests erupt overnight despite no final call on presidential race

you to react as me and when we get a verdict we’ll be talking about this a lot uh about the protest and some of the unrest across the country that we’re preparing for uh is our great panel uh the host of rob smith is problematic rob smith along with former director of social justice for the 2016 bernie sanders campaign tesla and figaro and karith foster is here an independent voter uh who has their own consulting company uh first off uh career let’s start with you what are they

protesting ryan uh you know what a lot of people are angry right now i get it we knew going in half the country was going to be upset about this but this is not the way that we handle it this is not the way to you know you have your rage but channel it in a way that brings people together how about volunteering in underserved neighborhoods not contributing to destruction and and disarray like this isn’t going to help anybody with anything it’s not going to help businesses it’s not

going to help people in their communities we got to do better yeah rob i do not think any of those people burning the flag wanted to serve you ziti in a homeless shelter so that is somewhat of an issue if you don’t even have a verdict can’t you pause your fake anger until you actually know what you’re angry at uh i don’t think so i mean uh look these um cities and and these businesses were boarded up over the past week we saw this happening uh in beverly hills we saw it happening

in new york city we saw it happening in dc and they were not boarded up because they thought trump uh voters were going to revolt they were boarded up because of biden voters now we have seen this stuff over the past few months with how they’ve reacted with all of this rioting and all of these different cities they have been trained to react if they don’t get their way in this violent way and they you know thought that things weren’t going their way last night right can i go to you

tesla and let’s talk about kenosha we know about the riots we know the president went there we know these cities were destroyed because of the shooting that took place and uh we see where this went uh kenosha seems to have gone heavily for the president united states technically it’s under his watch but he’s not in control of every city tesla and you think the voters digested that well first i’m an independent voter i think that’s really important to say uh but the same way you said

that it happened on his watch that’s the same thing that we’re seeing with the other protesters if he’s not in control of what happened with kenosha then he’s also not in control of what happened right now on the west and that goes the same for the left is also not in control of people exercising their their right to protest as a veteran i would say that people

certainly have the right to protest whether people agree with the timing of the protests or not is another conversation but the reality of it is people do have a right and guess what it’s just a handful of people millions of people voted last night so i’m really not buying into this fear factor that oh you know there’s going to be a civil war that starts tomorrow the bottom

line is most americans will be clocking in to work like they normally do uh in in twit on on twitter during their break and uh so that they can pay their bills on next week so this is not some massive disarray that’s about to happen all over the country there will be people who are upset because fear has been stoked on both sides of the republicans as well as

democrats all right i want to work my way around here and talk about what didn’t happen what didn’t happen there is no blue wave there’s a battle for the senate uh it’s going to be razor thin if the democrats get it or the republicans get it what didn’t happen is a bunch of democratic republican states didn’t turn blue like florida texas and kansas you want to take

that uh corinth are you surprised about what didn’t happen even though there’s a lot we still don’t know listen there is a lot we don’t know i i’m in here in dallas i’m in texas and i’ll be honest i was very surprised by the amount of biden signs that i saw um almost as many trump as many trump signs um i i’m not surprised because you know the democrats god love them they they need to get their message under control you know there is a reason why so many people especially

people of color are leaving the democratic party you know i also i’m an independent and you know we have a problem right now with bringing people together and to just assume that you would have all of the votes of people from a certain demographic as i mentioned yesterday that’s um that’s that’s really dangerous it’s insensitive and you know what i think they’ve learned their lesson they’re learning the message they’re hearing the message 20 seconds uh real quick rob uh it

doesn’t look like the american people wanted a revolution no the blue wave was a pipe dream i don’t know what anybody was smoking when they thought that texas was going to flip blue and the polls were all wrong just like they were in 2016. there’s a lot of lessons to be learned here and we’re going to learn them over the next few days tesla and it looks like whether it is president biden or president trump uh they’re not going to have the votes in the senate to uh add states uh overthrow the electoral college uh and get rid of the filibuster well there’s going to be a lot of stuff that’s not going to happen you know i the votes are still out i hate to speculate i know that’s a part of our job to see how things shake up but

like we just said people just bottom line didn’t know what they were talking about just like in 2016 so we just have to wait to get these votes in but when they do rest assure i have a whole list of things that i can point out that went wrong as far as on the left side of things so we’ll just see how it shakes up but as it’s looking now this is a competitive race and guess what democrats had to compete uh and now we’re going to see if they actually did what they said they were going to do

and and right now it’s just it’s just it’s looking like it’s very very close and will continue to be so we’ll just see how it shakes up good we’ll we’ll have you back because maybe we can knock some states off this list because it’s way too long right now and things we don’t have the verdict on thanks talk to you again soon thanks to all of you

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