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Princess Sofia Of Sweden Is Not Your Typical Royal

the world is taking a closer look at the diary of this real-life princess Sofia of Sweden isn’t like other royal leaders she lives her life in a way that promotes happiness and wellness across her country and the world this down-to-earth mom and former fashion model is relatively casual in front of the press and through recent events proved that despite the crown and scepter she’s just like us despite a rocky start to her career as a royal people have come to love and appreciate the princess for her passion and desire to help those around her she’s

learned how to use her platform and influence for the greater good before joining the royal family and becoming a princess sophia christina hellqvist was born in danderead a city north of Stockholm her family soon moved from tabby to alvdalin along with her parents eric halqvist and mary rotman alvdalen with its fairytale scenery and picturesque mountains and lakes was a fitting formative land for a princess to be

sophia’s childhood in the rural town was filled with outdoor adventures such as playing at lakes and skiing as a young adult sophia had a much different experience than most royals at 20 sophia was out on her own earning a living and making her way in the world she was cast in

the reality tv show paradise hotel for the show sophia and other single 20-somethings lived in a luxury resort and competed against each other trying not to get eliminated sophia lasted until the finale in sweden sofia also studied at stockholm university where she furthered her

education in global ethics child and youth science and child studies and communication which included a study of the theory of the un convention on the rights of the child while living in stockholm sophia supported herself by working as a glamour model and part-time

waitress sophia moved to new york in 2005 where she studied accounting and business development while living in new york sophia worked as a yoga instructor and taught classes to make her way through school upon returning to sweden sophia went out for a dinner with friends

and a night that changed her life forever at the restaurant her friends ran into a group of mutual acquaintances among them was prince carl

philip of sweden duke of varmland when the pair went public with their relationship in 2010 the press attempted to bring up sophia’s past sharing unflattering photos of the former model’s early days sophia combated the negative media attention with grace sticking by her choices and the path that brought her to where she is i was met with an enormous hate storm from people who had opinions about me as a person

about my relationship i was surprised and it definitely affected me i don’t regret anything all these experiences have made me the person i am

i wouldn’t have made those choices today in april of 2011 the couple moved in together in an interview with south china morning post sofia said the first thing i noticed about carl phillip was that he seemed very humble three years later they announced their engagement and were

married in june of 2015 transforming the creative and ambitious girl from the countryside into her royal highness princess sofia of sweden duchess of varmland for the much planned and watched event of the royal wedding sophia wore a fitted silk and lace dress by swedish

designer ida huastet she topped off the modern wedding attire with a stunning tiara encrusted with diamonds and emeralds the headpiece

was a wedding present from her new in-laws king carl the 16th gustav and queen sylvia showing that sofia was more than accepted into the family the wedding playlist featured some very with it tracks including rihanna’s umbrella and coldplay’s fix you sophia even wrote and

performed a song for her new husband a year later the couple welcomed their son prince alexander duke of sodermanland prince gabriel duke of dalarna was born the following summer during her time as a royal princess sofia has shown the world that no matter your

background or past anyone has the potential to step up to an important role and lead with confidence and grace sofia is definitely not like other royals for starters she has a few not not-so-secret tattoos as relics of her roaring 20s sofia has a tattoo of a sun on her upper back letters

inked onto her ankle and a butterfly on her rib cage nothing too dramatic but still much more than many of her hrh colleagues there are

certain rules to dressing royal that come with the job territory although she can clean up in a conservative structured shift dress when

necessary for official photos and events sofia can often be seen wearing jeans t-shirts and ball caps especially when spending time with her kids or attending events for her charities and advocating for children’s organizations in her role as a royal she’s also become somewhat of a fashion icon often choosing to wear modern and fashionable gowns and outfits featuring the latest trends by local swedish and European

designers sophia goes for classic silhouettes with a trendy flair and doesn’t shy away from any color of the rainbow sophia tends to gravitate toward bold statement accessories such as fun hats chunky headbands or the gold full finger ring she wore to princess madeline and christopher o’neal’s wedding in 2013. sophia is also known to show off traditional swedish folk attire for official family photos which includes a long pleated skirt and vest with embroidered floral designs sofia’s choices in fashion go deeper in importance than just looking good on the

cover of gossip magazines her blend of traditional folk styles and chic 21st century styles represent the way she has approached her roles and duties as a princess and modern woman although sophia married into a life of servants and luxury that didn’t stop her from continuing to

pursue her passion for helping children through charities and volunteerism in 2010 sophia funded project playground with her friend freda vesterberg an organization that helps children from low-income families in south africa with educational and social programs and

developmental support the cause is close to the princess’s heart as she spent time in her 20s volunteering there sofia also spent time volunteering in other parts of africa including senegal and ghana sophia is an advocate for numerous other charities and organizations

including the funding for surgeries of cancer patients in sweden and save the children sofia is particularly passionate about projects and

endeavors involving the wellness and education of children she’s an advocate for learning and dyslexia as well as the global child forum a

swedish non-profit dedicated to children’s rights in early 2020 she returned to south africa to visit the charities she founded in 2010. sophia traveled to cape town sharing pictures of her instagram with the caption ending a productive and amazing time with my colleagues at project

playground in south africa the charity has done amazing work over the years supporting vulnerable children although sophia took a step back from the hands-on work of the organization when she stepped into her royal position she remains an honorary chair of the organization

along with her main charities sophia is a strong supporter of education arts and music she’s a musician herself after all sophia also supports the art and photography museums of sweden and regularly attends events and fundraisers in support of art and creativity in 2016 she

donned a color block dress to an art exhibition of sven harry’s art museum when the covid 19 pandemic hit in 2020 princess sofia was at the forefront of aid and support in sweden she wanted to do everything she could to help fight against the virus and decided to swap her tiara for

a set of scrubs in april she completed an intensive emergency training program online created to offer extra support to strange doctors nurses and hospital staff being an honorary chairman of the sophia hemet hospital sophia was able to lend her time to the front lines working as a

medical assistant during the height of the viral spread sophia did the dirty work of cleaning and disinfecting medical rooms and instruments between patients she told vogue via instagram i’m now placed in one of the hospital’s care departments where together with other newly

trained colleagues i support and relieve the healthcare staff with different tasks including patient care and cleaning to have the opportunity to help at this difficult time is extremely rewarding sophia also ensured that the hospital was able to lend staff and support to other care

facilities under strain from the pandemic while sophia was helping at the hospital her husband carl phillip was also doing his part in the global health crisis the duke volunteered his time at the vorshvar schmuckden headquarters of the swedish armed forces in november the

royal swedish family announced that sophia and carl phillip had both tested positive for coronavirus the official statement revealed that the

duke and duchess were experiencing mild symptoms and felt well under the circumstances the prince at age 41 and sophia’s 35 did not require hospitalization but were quarantining in their home as the family’s doctor monitored their health closely other members of the royal

family were tested as well as anyone who had come into contact with the couple with her bravery at the front lines sophia acted as a role model not only to the general public but to others in positions of royal power as well prince william and kate middleton at the height of the

pandemic crisis were making daily appearances via social media to boost morale for those suffering from the virus and lockdowns prince

william also opened a temporary hospital in birmingham to help accommodate the overflow of care and patient needs because she didn’t

grow up in a palace sophia is down to earth and having her in a position of power is an asset to the people of sweden as well as throughout her international relations and work sophia represents a modern and new way of leading through a direct connection with the people she’s

serving and offering a positive influence especially through difficult times such as a pandemic as modern and forward-thinking people like

sophia joined the royal family the swedish monarchy also referred to as the house of bernadotte is taking steps to modernize as well it was recently announced that as an effort to simplify the line to the throne the grandchildren of the king and queen will no longer hold royal titles

sophia and carl phillips sons will still be called prince but in title only they’ll be free to lead their lives as they please and form careers outside

of their royal duties sophia shared to instagram that she sees this change in protocol as a good opportunity for her children and that her and her husband see this as a positive as alexander and gabriel will have freer choices in life princess sofia may live her life a little differently than

other royals but she’s always been totally devoted to her position and helping the people of sweden and the world sophia has shown that because of her humble upbringing she’s found a way to use her platform to form a positive influence and help the causes and passions close to her heart [Music] choosing to be true to yourself and leading by example is what being a real princess

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